Cyazon’s unique sound is made up of an exciting balance between Synthwave and Dubstep, which consists of varying profound and dark sounds that push the boundaries of conventional music, which makes it somewhat beautiful. His creations are chopped full of hard-hitting beats that transcend as his view on the current views on the world and what he makes of it.

Considering Cyazon has such a vast range of beautifully unique musical influences, we caught up with him to find out exactly what they were. Here you will find a top 10 list of Cyazon’s all-time favorites which are definitely worth giving a listen…


Daft Punk – Derezzed (Tron Legacy)

The movie that was the main source of inspiration for starting Cyazon in 2015.

Daft Punk - Derezzed (from TRON: Legacy)

Slander & Au5 – Anywhere Feat. Shybeast & PLYA

Anywhere made the list because it brings me hope whenever I need some extra motivation.

SLANDER & Au5 - Anywhere ft. shYbeast & PLYA

Xilent – The Darkness

I love the storytelling of Xilent’s album ‘We Are Dust’, especially in the lyrics of The Darkness. I also like the balance between melodic and heavy dubstep in The Darkness.

Xilent - The Darkness [Monstercat Release]

Hans Zimmer, Bemjamin Wallfisch –   Mesa (Bladerunner 2049 Movie)

The movie Bladerunner 2049 became another main source of inspiration for Cyazon in 2017. The whole original motion picture soundtrack is amazing. Mesa definitely stands out paying homage to the first Bladerunner movie.

Nero – Two Minds

Nero’s Between II Worlds album is outstanding. Two Minds stands out for me as one of the best from their album. I love the lyrics and the hopeful message it brings.

Nero – Must Be The Feeling

I had to include Must Be The Feeling from Nero’s first album ‘Welcome Reality’. Their album was my introduction to electronic music in 2011.

Nero - Must Be The Feeling

Au5 – Answers

Melodic Midtempo at its finest. I also really like Au5’s vocals in Answers.

Xilent – Infinity

Xilent’s track Infinity was also my introduction to Dubstep around 2013. I also still really love the track to this day.

Seven Lions – Days to Come feat. Fiora

Days to Come was probably one of the first melodic dubstep tracks I ever listened to. So that’s why it’s special for me and made the list.

Seven Lions - Days to Come ft. Fiora

Essenger – After Dark

Essenger’s track ‘After Dark’ tells an intriguing story lyrically-speaking. His vocals are amazing too in After Dark. I love the cyberpunk-influenced sounds in his track. I also really love the Synthwave-inspired keys and especially the guitar solo that comes near the end of the track.

Essenger - After Dark (Official Music Video)

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