Rob Macleod

DMCWORLD grab a world exclusive Back To Mine from the Scottish producerwho has just released his debut EP on new Glasgow label In The Event of Capture. Drawing on influences from early house and techno, the EP combines timeless grooves with the more progressive, narrative-driven sounds that In The Event Of Capture are becoming so fast known for.

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Born in Glasgow but with strong family ties to the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, having spent every school holiday in his family home roaming around the Blackhouse village.

Considering the drastic differences between the two places, Rob has used his productions to bridge the mental gap he feels exists when moving between such radically different environments, “I have never really been entirely comfortable in either place. Feeling like an outsider while participating in both. These selected tracks are a conscious attempt to fit my two islands together.”

Rob speaks as someone who has struggled with mental health issues his whole life, “For myself, audio is the most useful and potent medicine I have to soothe and focus my internal jitters.” Rob is a producer of the modular synthesis variety combining retro and contemporary keys and machines to create warm, glowing textures of sound that sweep over you like the waves of people on a Glasgow street, or indeed the waves of the Atlantic on a Hebridean beach.

Here comes the fabulous Back To Mine ten…


Joe Smooth – Promised Land

So many hazy memories playing this at house parties. Classic house track that makes people happy and dancing is very likely to happen.

Joe Smooth - Promised Land

Robert Hood – Detroit: One Circle

Grew up listening to lots of Jeff Mills and Robert Hood, This track is absolute magic. Deep and progressive with every element in its place. A masterclass in techno composition.

Robert Hood - Detroit: One Circle

Tortoise – Northern Something

Always Seen live a few times and they never disappoint. This is an electric shock of a track that always sends shivers down my spine. The louder the better.

Tortoise - Northern Something

Psyche – How The West Was Won

Captivating reflective electronica that weaves along and paints pictures in the mind. Everything slows down and becomes introspective.

Psyche - How The West Was Won

Hell Interface – The Midas Touch

Bootleg party number from one of Scotland’s finest bands. There are so many BOC tracks I love but this one has something a bit special about it.

The Midas Touch (Hell Interface remix)

Acra – Anaesthetic

This whole mixtape is mind blowing. I must have listened to it a hundred times. This particular track wraps you up in sound and needs to be loud (or headphones) for the spatial depth.

Arca - Anaesthetic

Can – Dizzy Dizzy

Ludicrously funky jam from one of my favourite 70s Krautrock bands. Disco meets proto dub techno weirdness in 1977, worth it for the jacket alone

Can • Dizzy Dizzy (1977)

Ceephax Acid Crew – Sidney’s Sizzler

All the fun of the fairground for the rave head in us all. Speaks to my 16 year old self growing up in Glasgow

Ceephax Acid Crew Sidney's Sizzler Planet Mu Records Ltd

Shooby Taylor (With Miles)

An original and brave voice. No one does Shooby better than Shooby, everyone should invest some time in his work. Freedom of creative expression exemplified.

Delia Derbyshire – “Falling”, from The Dreams

Time to go to sleep. Slowly slipping out of consciousness. That oddness when the brain and body are slipping out of phase. Good night and sweet dreams. This whole album is a marvel in sound. Delia is truly awesome.

Delia Derbyshire - "Falling", from The Dreams (1964)