Back To Mine with Sydka

The cultured Sounds of Khemit returns with another various artists EP that takes us deep into their mystic house world. As per all Sounds of Khemit releases, this one is based on an ancient concept. They explain, “Hathor, or as the hieroglyphs read Hat-Hoor, is known as “Lady of Stars.” She represented music, arts, dance, joy, love, sexuality, fertility and maternal care and is an important principle in Sounds of Khemit who nourishes with her divine light and the energy that surrounds us at all future gatherings. We hrab a Back To Mine 10 from Sydka, one of the stars of the album…

Thievery Corporation – Lebanese Blonde
My all time favourite song and favourite band. Timeless tune that never fails to ease my worries or get me in a good mood.
Thievery Corporation - Lebanese Blonde

Dr. Dre – Bang Bang
To be honest, I could have picked any song from Dre’s 2001 album. It’s that good, but the beat and chorus in this one always hit deep. I had this CD on repeat throughout my teenage years and know every lyric on the album. A true classic and example of a master of their craft.
Dr. Dre - Bang Bang [HD]

Dirtwire – No More
Mix of folk, western, and deep electronic bass makes for such a satisfying combination. They are awesome to see perform live as well and definitely opened my eyes to a whole realm of possibilities when it comes to mixing genres and styles.

The Squatch Expands Life – Grouch in Dub Remix
The spice extends life… the spice expands consciousness. What more is there to say? Glitchy, gritty, funky, psychedelic, and world elements all together in this masterpiece of a remix by Grouch. The vocal sample from the original Dune movie fits perfectly.
The Squatch Expands Life (Grouch in Dub Remix)

Deya Dova – Myth of the Cave (Desert Dwellers Remix)
Deya Dova delivers a masterful vocal performance and Desert Dwellers brings it home with dirty, squelchy beats and powerful basslines. When that vocal on the drop comes in I get the chills… every time.
Deya Dova - Myth Of The Cave (Desert Dwellers Remix)

Avem – Plastikmenschen ft. Arutani & Dandara

These three artists are wizards at what they do and have been a big influence on me creatively. Perfect groove work on this track and I’ve been lucky enough to release on their record label recently as well.

Plastikmenschen feat. Arutani & Dandara

The Rolling Stones – Like a Rolling Stone
Reminds me of my childhood days. My parents would get together with their band friends and cover this song as I ran around with the other kids getting into mischievous endeavors… great memories.
The Rolling Stones - Like A Rolling Stone - OFFICIAL PROMO

Eminem – A** Like That
This song is hilarious and the beat is fire. I went through a big Eminem phase in my early teens and I’d be remiss to leave him out of the list.
Eminem - A** Like That (Super Clean Version, Closed Captioned)

The Doors – When the Music’s Over
I had a roommate in college who loved The Doors and would play them nearly every day. This song brings me back to those early days of college freedom and experimentation… The organ sections are perfect and the creativity from a musical arrangement perspective is golden.
When the Music's Over

Gramatik – Just Jammin
The title of this track says it all. Just a running jam of funk and groove. There’s a 40 minute version on Youtube of this song on repeat and the first time I listened I did not realize the song was looping
Gramatik Just Jammin

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Hat-Hoor Sistrum
Label: Sounds of Khemit
Release: Out now