1.    Dj Day “Got To Get It Right” 12″ EP (MPM)

“Dj Day is very good at what he does” is a quote my friend told me recently and we would have to agree, this whole EP from the art-work down to the music is amazing, classy and simply wonderful.

2.    Dj Regal “THE VILLAGE CALLING” Unique Records

Regal has a real knack for producing touching down-tempo music, this comes off his awesome album “Loop Dreams” which is just really amazing.

3.    Dj BCause “Super Disco Hyphy”

Dj B.Cause straight up out of the Bay Area takes classic disco and boogie tunes and re-works them with Hyphy vocals over top. All the songs work really dope on their own, but the mix is perfect for summer days riding around scrapping doors and ghost riding the whip.

4.    Padded Cell “Moon Menace” DC Recordings

Coming on like some lost 70’s sci-fi sound-track, Padded Cell make music that hark back to all the cool ass odd disco records that we love. This EP was really cool from the graphics to the dark disco beats contained in the grooves.

5.    People Under the Stairs “Step Father” Basement Records

Now 2 years old, but still gets plenty of play. WE Love this album, and almost everything PUTS do, its throw-back rap but updated.

6.    See-I “The King” EP Bastard Jazz

See-I are from DC, and you must catch them live but on record they sound pretty great. I really dug this song when I first heard it on their un-released album. Magic Fly do a great remix that takes the song to the next level.

7.    Spoon “Don’t You Evah” Dr Delay remix

Dr. Delay gets all hipster over this already great song, he takes it on a deeper journey that we really dig.

8.    Backini – Cream

Backini does such a great job with his production, his use of 20’s style instruments and grooves work well on this song, the soulful vocals fit perfectly.

9.    Gil Scott – Heron & Brian Jackson – Angola Louisiana

Such a great song, the bass and drums are so well done and Gil Scott’s voice just really hits the mark. Classic tune, and the chords are just pretty.

10.    One Self – Bluebird

Another throw-back style rap song, but with great female vocals and a good message. The Guitar sample is really perfect on this tune and when the chorus hits you forget what you’re doing for a minute and get lost in the song.

11.    The Baker Brothers – Walk Into My World

What good Acid Jazz should sound like, or is it just straight up R&B style jazz. Whatever it is, it’s funky and filled with empowering vocals and a great backing groove.

12.    Zeph & Azeem – Come One Come All

Zeph is a great producer, we always peeps his beats whenever we see one of his releases. Azeem spits a mean groove over some heavy drums and piano jam, plus there is actual scratches on the chorus.

13.    Electric Funk Allstars – The Hotz

This re-edit is straight up funk, cut and sliced into a deadly groove. Nuff said

14.    The New Master Sounds – One Note Brown (Lanu Remix)

What Incognito sounded like if they didn’t go all Smooth Jazz Radio on us, this tune was made for summer BBQ’s with beers, buds and friends.

15.    Anna Mazzotti – Eu Sou Mais Eu

We had to finish with a sexy latin song, , the keys and vocals on this song take you on a trip, we don’t know Portuguese but she weaves some vocal magic on this tune.