220 Kid

Rising producer and a name to remember in the coming months, we speak to 220 Kid about his debut single ‘Don’t Need Love (With GRACEY)’ how its made an impact as a viral dance track and terrific rise in UK charts. Be sure to read our catchup with the London dance pop producer around all things new music, plans for live shows and his inspirations…

Welcome to DMC World, 220 Kid, how are you?

Hello!! I’m great thanks, over the moon and in a very surreal world!

Your debut single “Don’t Need Love” is really having a moment, a potential song of the summer in our eyes. Tell us more on how the collaboration with GRACEY happened?

Thank you very much that’s very kind! I had the song for 2 years in various states, was working on it at a studio and Gracey was next door too, so we ended up chatting and she loved it so threw some ideas down and really helped give it that missing spark needed. Her tune ‘Different Things’ was already on my Most Played Spotify of last year so was a real joy to have her jump in.

220 KID, GRACEY - Don't Need Love (Swipe Left, Swipe Right) | Visualiser

The single is also catching on as a TikTok trend well. Did you have any idea it could connect with so many people?

I honestly wasn’t sure, I felt such a connection to it and my friends too that we were like “can this scale up and how will people react” but I think the story is so current that people have jumped on it, maybe more so during corona that people are swiping on apps or thinking about ex’s and lost loves.

As a producer and songwriter you have worked with the likes of Maverick Sabre and CamelPhat, how was it collaborating with them?

Maverick is a gentleman and a genius, I was upset about something in my personal life that day and he text a few weeks later to check in on me, and what an amazing voice. I’ve been lucky to work with some amazing people lately like Becky Hill, MNEK, Mae Muller and others that I’ve learnt so much. CamelPhat was funny, I was on a first date with my ex and my writing partner at the studio said the boys were in and needed some songs toplined, so I actually brought my date with me and she sat eating my sweets when we wrote haha, but they are also amazing and very very kind gents.

As a DJ and producer, what inspires you?

Life, experiences, words, pictures, you can just head a few words said in such a way that they hit you so hard. I always joke this but I cant create when life is good and calm, need a little chaos to inspire creativity.

Some advice for a new artist starting out, what would be three lessons they could learn?

Never give up, “cockroach mentality” if youre the last one left you have to succeed.

Always send that email or text or call, that one idea could change your career.

Don’t be afraid to be unique, ‘Don’t Need love’ wasn’t liked for 2 years as it wasn’t the right sound and eventually its had its moment, stay true to something if you really believe in it.

Can we expect a live show soon?

Yes yes yes, ive got 2 set ups – DJ stuff and a live band, so can really bring a nice variety of show, we’ve got loads of wicked visuals and ideas to bring the songs to life.. corona depending.

Being from London, has your local music scene helped you as an artist?

I love it, just the city has inspiration everywhere, there’s gems and stories all over the place. Just talking to someone on the tube can change your perspective on a lot of things, there’s sounds and inspiration everywhere.

What releases can we expect later this year, can fans be ready for an EP?

Some cool remixes, maybe 2 singles and I have 2 collab singles with 2 wicked dance legends!

Lastly what are the big 5 tunes you can share with our readers this weekend…

Don’t Need Love Majestic remix..

CamelPhat + Foals collab – I haven’t heard it but the previews sound insane

Diplo & SIDEPIECE – On My Mind

Basshunter – Now You’re Gone – he started trending on twitter for being a legend so had to bring this back

Majestic – Bodywork – so so good!

Check out ‘Don’t Need Love (With GRACEY)’ out now