French producer Georges has had a meteoric rise in the nu disco world over the past few years, namely releases such as ‘Contrasts’ EP with Bellaire, and on Kraak & Smaak’s disco label Boogie Angst. We recently sat down with the Parisian DJ and producer to discuss his newest EP ‘Bingo Georges’, his live shows and what we can expect this year.


Welcome to DMC World, Georges, where are you joining us from today?

Hi ! I’m in Paris right now, thanks for having me!

As a producer and DJ, what inspires you?

I’m highly inspired by the music I listen of course but I think one of my biggest inspirations are the movies. I watch a lot of films and series at home and I find it very inspiring, I often pause what I’m watching to start a new track or to lay down a melody. I think movies are a great way to put you in a specific mood or trigger some emotions that can lead to making cool music!

I’m also a big gear and computer nerd so trying new gear or watching some videos about plugins and stuff is a great way to give me inspiration.

You just released ‘Bingo Georges’ EP. Tell us about how the project came together? Were these a collection of tracks you had written for a while?

I started this project quite a long ago, the first tracks were made during the first lockdown I think! It is my third EP on AOC Records and after the last one I made for Boogie Angst last year I wanted to explore a bit more the Disco side of me! So it is mostly disco-ish, funky tracks but I wanted it to have a darker side so there’s tracks like Bingo Starr or Soulful Intensify that are more into a Deep House, club-oriented vibe. Lastly there is the outro, In the Grid, which is I think the first track I made for this EP. I wanted to share this cinematic side of the project, to do a chill out, emotional piece of music 🙂

‘Bingo Georges’ EP link: 

You put out ‘In The Grid’ video, we enjoyed it and has a cinematic feel. Can you tell us how it came together?

Thanks! So we released a first video this summer for the intro Carton Plein. It took place in a real bingo game and it was filmed with a little camcorder, the kind you use for holidays and family stuff. Sadly I lost the game and I wanted to take my revenge in a real, professionally filmed videoclip. Like I said earlier, movies are a big inspiration for me, so trying to make great videoclips is important to me, to give back this feeling that I get watching things I like, but always with humour and self-mockery. For all my videoclips I’m working with one of my best friends Emie Gallot who is a great director. She gets my weird sense of humour and we always have a great time writing and filming the twisted things I want to do to illustrate my music.

You performed at Mazette in Paris for the EP launch, how was the show and crowd?

It was great! It was the first time I was playing my new live show with the suit and all the bingo theme esthetic and people responded great! Playing live is such a nice and thrilling experience, I tend to connect more with the crowd and giving I bit more of myself!

How is the Paris electronic scene to you as an artist?

I like the Paris scene, it is very eclectic and the crowd is not afraid to try and listen to new stuff. There is also a lot of great artists and everybody is really nice, so good vibes and good music!

Are there any producers that you’re particularly inspired by at the moment?

In the Disco House realm I love everything Art Of Tones is doing, so good! Naturally I’m also a big fan of Dave Lee (formerly Joey Negro) or more recently the magnificent remixes and tracks of Micky More & Andy Tee. I’m really into the Netherlands scene for the more Housy stuff with producers like Dam Swindle, Fouk or Kraak & Smaak. And to finish I’m obliged to mention the French Touch like producers and band I can’t stop listening, Myd (and all the Ed Banger roaster), FKJ, Darius, l’Imperatrice, Parcels, Papooz etc.

What else can we expect in the coming months for Georges?

I’m currently working on a new EP, with more of a House vibe, and some singles that should be released during the year! 🙂

Lastly, what are the big 5 tunes you can share with our readers for this weekend…

–   Crackazat – Demucha (Dam Swindle remix)

–   Birdee – Best There Ever Was (Feat Kelli Sae)

–   A. Billi Free & The Lasso – Holy Body Roll

–  GOON – Pink and Orange

–  Bomel’s new EP that is releasing 3rd February!