alexander:louis is an event producer, DJ/ producer, and community builder based in NYC. He has been immersed in music and science throughout his life – always trying to weave sounds to create an eclectic, yet consistent sound that drives you to dance. With his recent releases on Deeperfect, Maya Records, and Motek; and support from industry leaders such as Jamie Jones, Stacey Pullen, Carlo Lio, Prok and Fitch, and more, there has been a lot of buzz around him. He now makes his debut on New York’s long standing Nervous Records, doing so with the three track ‘Sideways EP’ – with a remix from house music veteran Joeski. DMCWORLD dives in for a tasty world exclusive…


Hello Mike! Great to have you with us today ahead of your debut on Nervous! How are things with you and whereabouts are you based right now? 

Really happy to be chatting with you guys, and thx for having me man. Everything is pretty good right now – i’m currently in NYC, and heading over to Denver for the winter to take advantage of the mountains and to get some action going on the west coast of the US.

How has the music scene been there recently given the effects of the pandemic?

Well right now NYC is really picking up. I was expecting a bit more aggressive uptick in events when the summer started, but I’m very happy at the slow progression and the NYC underground vibe is really starting to come back. There was a big hult for most of the pandemic, which definitely had a silver lining giving me some time to catch up and refocus on the production side.

You are set to make your debut on Nervous Records with the Slightly Sideways EP. We love the energy on this release. Can you tell us a little about the release and how it came to find its home on Nervous? 

I’m so pumped for this release with Nervous. They’ve had all kinds of legends release music on their forum, and I’m really honored that they wanted to take on this EP. The foundation of the track is a groovy and thick rolling bass, and after I shared it with a few friends they suggested sending it to Nervous, which has always been on my wish list, but the feedback really pushed me in that direction.

You are joining a legendary list of names that have released on the NYC imprint that is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary. What’s it mean to you to see your music on the label?

Completely speechless…. Hahah. I couldn’t be more excited, and just going to leave it there since nothing I can say gives enough credit to what this label has done for the industry and the legends that have released music within their community.

Joeski provides a killer remix on the EP too. What were your first thoughts when you heard his take on Slightly Sideways?

First off, I was pumped just to hear that Joe would be open to doing a remix. So that alone was epic. He did a remix for my Deeperfeect release, so to get him to do it a second time had me going…. And his take at it, reshaping the foundation to have a little more bounce and roundness, while creating a very cool echo effect with the horn was what inspired me to create the deep and sexy edit too.

We’d love to hear the story behind your artist name, alexander:louis?

Hahahah, oh man… you’ll have to ask this Australian guy I know…

When did you first get into DJing and producing and what inspired you to pursue it?

Not that long ago tbh – all in all i’ve been working at this for the last 5-6 years. I originally got into event production; with my background in neuropsychology I found it very interesting to create spaces for people to come and have emotional responses in experiential environments. This transitioned from a more macro perspective of the event itself into a micro perspective of a dj set, and segued into a more minute component of production. Very interesting stuff…

What would your biggest tip be for an aspiring artist?

One of the biggest attributes is going to be your friends. Ask them for feedback, their thoughts, and always be open to conversation around whatever the topic is. Once you start getting sucked into more scenic approaches, it’s easy to astray from what your goals are.

Thank you Mike, great to chat with you today! Congrats on the Nervous release and all the best for the future. To round off, is there anything else in the pipeline at the moment that you’d like to share with us? 

Thank you again for having me today; it’s been great chatting, and sharing a little more about the upcoming EP. I do actually have a few things in the pipeline that I’m really excited about, but you’ll just have to follow to see what’s coming…I’ll see ya again soon DMCWORLD…

alexander:louis – Sideways EP with Joeski remix. Out now on Nervous Records Stream