Back to Mine with Candy Kingdom Synth Orchestra

Candy Kingdom Synth Orchestra’s new single ‘The Star’s Leap At Night’ offers more utopian visions for dance music and includes remixes from Lauer and Vitling. Candy Kingdom Synth Orchestra is Berlin-based, Jerusalem-born Uri Yacobi Keller. He has been in the German capital for almost a decade playing in clubs such as Griessmuehle and About Blank. The data scientist has a long-standing love of house, techno and drum & bass as well as a passion for sci-fi that infuses his music. Here he chooses an intergalactic Back To Mine 10…

Massive Attack – Mezzanine
The most underrated song in the best album by the best band ever. This piece of liquid darkness is not just sad, but also empowering, no doubt having carried many a broken soul through toughest of time. Mind the line to end all lines: “All these other flaws, will lead to mine” 

Ikonika – Dckhbtch
Ikonika’s music is pure emotion, and this sparkling 8-bit-ish gem is one of the best gems of her beautiful output. Be it in the middle of a crowded dance floor or reclining over a couch at the after party, this is one makes me feel that sometimes the line between crying of joy or of sadness is not entirely clear cut. 
Ikonika - Dckhdbtch

Legowelt – Elements Of Houz
Baroque music’s most prolific composer was Philipp Telemann. Legowelt is electronic music’s own Telemann, putting out an insane rate of amazing music. Here the maestro shows how House music should be done, with the main ingredient being the soul in the machine. 
Legowelt - Elements of Houz

Plastikman – Pakard
Funny story about this one. I got it on vinyl and initially thought it’s meant to be played at 45 RPM instead of 33. It sounds great like that, by the way. But Richie Hawtin’s transcendental majesty is truly and fully revealed at this slow, relentless trance. 
plastikman - pakard

Antoni Maiovvi – Autoguerra
I was shown this by one of my favourite people. On the one hand it’s incredibly elegant, but on the other it’s so packed with feelings and dread that I can’t help but feel my eyes water every time I play it. 
Antoni Maiovvi - Autoguerra

Maggotron – The Bass That Ate Miami
I’m a sucker for Miami Bass. And it doesn’t get more Miami than Maggotron. This classic bomb is the spiritual spot where hip hop, funk and electro all meet to bounce together in one legendary block party. 
The Bass That Ate Miami

Björk – Human Behaviour
Just like Massive Attack, it’s incredibly hard to choose only one Björk song. But if only one song, then Human Behaviour. A song that to pull you into the dark forests of the mind since more than twenty years now. 
björk : human behaviour (HD)

Maurice – This Is Acid
This explosive genre-defining track from 1989 (!) will forever sound fresh and work like a charm, filling anybody in a substantial radius with positive, uncontrollable energy. 
Maurice & Da Posse ‎– This Is Acid (A New Dance Craze)(K&T Video Mix)

Carl Cox – F. A. C. T. 2
Imagine a thirteen years old boy in the nineties, having just discovered techno and house music, visiting London, buying two cassettes (!) with a Carl Cox set. Imagine these cassettes saving that kid’s soul and taking him so far as starting his own label and million years (and at least one pandemic) later. 
Carl Cox FACT 2 CD1 #1 The Mod Wheel - Spirit Catcher

Depeche Mode – It’s No Good
I feel I wrote already too many words, and surely not too many words are necessary for this one, right?
Depeche Mode - It's No Good (Official Video)

Artist: Candy Kingdom Synth Orchestra
Title: The Star’s Leap At Night
Label: Candy Kingdom
Release: Out now
Cat No: CK002
Format: Digital