DJ Spen

Leading International House DJs  & Producers, DJ Spen takes time out to chat with us as his & Michele Chiavarini’s remixes of S.E.L’s ‘Brand New’ comes out on his Quantize label. Having racked up over 600 releases with recent outings including tracks with Roland Clarke and Fonda Rae.  With a stellar stream of online performances from his recent Alternative Top 100 DJ set;  a Chicago Hour mix on Ransom Note and his famous weekly Pandemic Praise party Radio shows, DJ Spen sets a very high bar with his quality productions and passionate DJ sets. Always onto the next thing, you can catch him Live on the decks at the Southport Weekender March 18th-20th and at the Suncebeat & Defected Festivals in Croatia this summer.


Spen it’s a hue pleasure having you back with us today at DMC.  You’ve been DJing for a long time now, how good does it feel to be opening up the end of restrictions and to see a return to clubbing and events?

It feels good so far every party I have done has been phenomenal. You can see people are up for a party now almost like it’s 1999! Seeing people up for a party instead of just going out for the sake of going out is good because we all know how it feels to be told you cannot do something.

Always so busy, I can’t keep up with all your activities – DJ, music producer, radio show host, label head and you’ve just remixed S.E.L’s ‘Brand New’ song, with Michele Chiavarini. It’s a long standing relationship, how did you guys first connect?

We had been running Quantize for about a year when I got this email saying that Michele Chiavarini wanted to meet me. Once I’d done my research I found out that he had so many tracks with so many people including Dave Lee and the Sunburst Band so when I heard the track I was like wow this track is amazing. The track was “Let Me See You Clap Your Hands”. The relationship just grew from that he’s one of the most talented and creative musicians I have ever worked with and I consider myself fortunate and blessed to be able to work with him.

What drew you to work with S.E.L and how would you describe the new remix? Are there future projects we can look out from you guys?

Working with Soulful Emma Louise to me is like working with English royalty…she has very high standards and is very deliberate about everything she does. S.E.L’s very professional with everything she does which many singers, artists, and musicians are not. With her business savvy combined with her talent, I think she has the potential to be an unstoppable force of nature and I am happy to work with her each and every time that we get a chance. Being that she dropped her debut album ‘Loc’d In Consciousness’ last year this is the second set of Remixes that I’ve done for her from that album. I don’t know if she plans on doing another single from it but if she does I’m sure that we will be working on that together.

As I mentioned before you’re something of a workaholic, can you tell us what projects are coming up for you following on from the ‘Brand New’ Remixes

I am working right now on a remix for Defected on a song by The Absolute called “I Believe”, oddly enough with Michele Chiavarani. I’m also working on a remix for Souldynamic for Atjazz featuring Dana Weaver on vocals and other upcoming things include the Remixeswith Terry Hunter and Reelsoul of Mary J Blige’s “Good Morning Gorgeous”. I will also be working with Neil Peirce on Rhemi Music and Gary Hudgins.

Living in such challenging times, do you think this has shaped your recent output or outlook towards your musical expression?

When I came up with the “End Of It All” with Monique Bingham it was definitely a song that was inspired by what was happening in the world. I’m usually a guy that creates music from a happy place but when things really weigh on me I tend to be one of those guys that kinda dive into it from more of an emotional place. So the pandemic definitely had an effect on my musical output.

Any particular producers doing it for you out there at the mo and what makes them stand out

DJ Emmaculate springs to mind because he has a fresh take on rhythm tracks and his approach to remixing blows my mind from top to bottom because I never thought that I would hear another version of “Show Me Love” that I would be willing to play. He literally gave that record something it never had before and he’s on a continuous roll when it comes to doing disco, afro productions and I’m looking forward to his future productions.

Known as one of the sunniest of people in house music, what things bring a smile to your face regularly

To be quite honest I am usually so busy that just sitting back with a cup of tea and watching a good film or television series is really kind of a happy place for me. I’ve also started to realise how important vacations really are. I probably didn’t go on a real vacation until I was like 30 years old and  I’ve come to appreciate the quiet time, devotion time, the time I have to reflect on everything that goes on around me. As a father, husband, and producer learning how to balance these things has really helped me to continue to do what I do.

The DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini remixes of S.E.L’s ‘Brand New’ are out now on Quantize Records.

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