Back To Mine with Chambord

Chambord is a talented duo of DJs & producers whose musical universe is eclectic: melodious sounds influenced by world music but also more electronic and hypnotic atmospheres. These music lovers based in Paris have already proven themselves in France and internationally throught DJ sets and lives performances in festivals, nightclubs, private events. They communicate through their music a warm energy, a unique vibe, making each set an special journey. During their musical projects, they’ve collaborated with renowned artists such as Blond:ish, Sabo, Robbie Akbal, Maga, Pablo Fierro, Carlita, Derun and Wild Dark. Here, Tim and Pierre deliver a superb Back To Mine 10 as they release their new EP on Amsterdam label and festival brand The Gardens of Babylon…



Vamonos – Elkin & Nelson

Wow these guys!  The most hairy music group I know. It’s two Colombians brothers who left their country to go to Spain. This track is so intense, it’s only about percussion and guitar, it should be learned on all Latin music school, as it’s so good and so moving from different BPM. I can imagine myself listening to this on a beach with friends. Vibe is always so strong, and everyone won’t stop to dance during this 9:17 minutes of music.

Elkin & Nelson - Vamonos

Even AJer All – Finlay Quaye

It’s such a classic for me, and it’s by far the song I listened the most on my iTunes. It’s between soul & Hip Hop and it’s so good. If you have any issue in life, listen to that song, you will travel to a place where everything is harmonious. On the music there is a little synth around 1:40 which is so deep and beautiful, it drives me crazy, and then this beautiful guitar is coming

Finley Quaye - Even After All

Beautiful Strangers – Kevin Morby

Welcome to the US guys, like you’re back on the road 66 living your best days. I love when music is traveling you to a specific place. I’m not a lot into folk music, but Kevin Morby is the one who’s makes me like it. He has a grace on his voice and a melancholia on his melody which is so good and so deep.

Kevin Morby - Beautiful Strangers (Official Audio)

Oron – Prins Emanuel

I love songs without lyrics, because for me it’s way more difficult to transmit emotions only with instruments and rhythm. This song of Prins Emanuel is part of this category. It takes you instantly.

Prins Emanuel - Orön - 0159

Find A Way – Duddha, Mahfoud

This new track is so good. It’s funny, when they released this track, I got 3 friends who send me this song, and tell me that I will love it, they were right haha. It’s a good mixture of what I love when I’m not listening to electronic music, I need a nice rhythm and some weird lead sound. I know Mahfoud since he did this a track a day challenge during 30 days on Instagram, he’s so talented. I discovered the voice of Buddha on this song, and he has something very childish on his voice, it’s very refreshing.


Jamiroquai – Little L

One of my favorite track, such a performer with an amazing groove on the voice and on the whole production, everything is gold. Little extra for this outstanding guitar, easy melody but very efficient.

Jamiroquai - Little L

Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out

Hard to pick one song from her, but she’s too important in my influences, and I love this energy. It’s produced by Nile Rodgers (Chic guitarist) who is also doing the guitar on the track. Maybe that’s why I love so much this guitar.

Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out

Amy Winehouse – Back To Black

As I made lots of different music during my music conservatory (I followed a saxophone cursus), but most of the time Jazz, I cannot put Amy. Everyone knows this song, but it’s os beautiful, and this voice will always bring me goosebumps. The whole album is produced by Mark Ronson, one of the biggest influence for me.

Amy Winehouse - Back To Black

Michael Jackson – Thriller

If I have to choose one song that I can bring on a desert island, it will be that one. Produced by Quincy Jones, I would love to produce that track.

Michael Jackson - Thriller - Thriller

Parcels – Lightenup

They are my favorites of the new generation, I’ve got every vinyl of them. They are not very new on their sound (complicated with the music of the last 200 years), but they can appropriate the funk and the disco without the cheesy sound that we can hear sometimes. I also love their esthetics on music and visual. If you read us, would love to do a remix.

Parcels - Lightenup (Official Music Video)