Back To Mine with Kinnship & Pablo Nouvelle

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, writer and singer Kinnship is renowned for creating evocative, melodic soundscapes. His earnest lyrics, punctuated by layers of warm and understated yet impactful production, have resulted in millions of plays and support from worldwide radio including BBC Radio 1. Pablo Nouvelle is a producer and filmmaker, who was longlisted for an Oscar for his film In A Nutshell. When not playing live shows with a full band, he DJs and flexes his musical muscles as a classical pianist. He orchestrated his neo-classical album Piano Pieces with a string quartet and grand piano.

Creative communion stems from many different avenues, but when it occurs the results are sublime. When Pablo Nouvelle discovered Kinnship by chance, he sparked the beginnings of a musical partnership that led to the creation of their debut LP Stones & Geysers, out November 5. Shrouded in warm, delicate textures and contemplative atmospheres, the album is the result of a small, but highly productive number of studio sessions. The two multi-talented artists found an immediate flow in their creative relationship, which provided a playful base for their ideas. Steeped in a philosophical outlook centred on the symbiotic connection between the physical and spiritual realms, Stones & Geysers marries Pablo’s dextrous abilities with Kinnship’s heartfelt songwriting and vocal delivery. A body of work that demonstrates the endless possibilities that arise when a collaborative project flows effortlessly, Stones & Geysers is understated, moving and full of organic beauty.

And here they deliver a beautiful Back To Mine 10…


Pablo Nouvelle’s 5…

Fred Again.. – Eazi (Do It Now)

Fred Again is a phenomena. After working as a producer on an insane amount of hits over the last years, his own artist project went deservedly through the roof this summer with the song Marena (We lost dancing). I became a massive fan, and when scrolling down to the very end of his Soundcloud page I found a rather unknown tune he did before his Actual Life project featuring the motivational speech by none other than Mr. Eazi. It seems we are witnessing the moment Fred is persuaded to step out of the producer shadow into the artist spotlight, musically accompanied by a soulful choir that could as well originate from Jamie XX’s sample-pen.

Fred again.. - Eazi (Do It Now)

Robot Love – Numbers Station

Taking the title of this series by its name, this tune was the first song I played the last time we went “back to mine“. The party got completely out of hand. It was wonderful. The neighbours talk about it still today. What a tune. So beautifully crafted. The individual sounds are so hard to grasp. It feels like there is constantly slipping a melody through your fingers. Shout out to Adam from Bondax who showed me the track earlier this year when we did a remote session.

Robot Love - Numbers Station


Overmono – Bromley

That tune is pure energy! It has a tribal feeling to it without ever being cliché. The tons of fizzy sounds fuzzing around is gorgeous. But what really got me is that vocal sample. Way too late, way too loud. So soulful, so uncompromising. What a climax.

Joy Orbison x Overmono - Bromley


Bonobo – Rosewood

Bonobo is back! My musical hero since grammar school. Can’t wait to hear his upcoming album. I’m fascinated of how he masters the dance between having a signature sound without repeating himself, which is a very thin line.

Bonobo - Rosewood (Official Audio)


Weval – Changed for the better

One of my absolute favorite bands. Ever. They are true synthesizer wizards. The amount of different sounds, musical ideas and the love for details in that song alone is mind blowing. It really takes you on a journey. You can tell they played the “how much detune can get away with?“ – game.

Weval - 'Changed for the Better' (Official Audio)


Kaytranada – Vex Oh

Kaytranada is one of those artists who defined a whole (sub-)genre for himself. I’m a fool for crispy dirty drum sounds and he is the undisputed king of sluggish dance grooves in that sonic world. Goldlink & Eight9fly do their part to perfect this raw, soulful seductive song.

KAYTRANADA - Vex Oh (Audio) ft. GoldLink, Eight9FLY, Ari PenSmith


Kinnship’s 5…

Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now (2000 version)

Really one of my favourite songs of all time, and this live orchestral version recorded later in Joni’s life adds depth, emotion and more texture to an already stunning song. You can hear the wisdom and the heartbreak in her voice, and the orchestral arrangement is divine. I think that’s probably enough gushing on that one….

Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now 2000 lives

Monica Martin – Go Easy Kid

I saw that James Blake posted about this new song on Instagram, and he spoke about how much he adored it. I do too, I only played it once or twice and then it was stuck in my head for days. One of those songs that’s so perfectly crafted that it feels like it’s been around forever.

Monica Martin - Go Easy Kid (Audio)

Rosalía – QUE NO SALGA LA LUNA – Cap.2 Boda

I’m pretty obsessed with this album, it really is a masterpiece! So much energy on this one, the instrumentation, her vocal and the production is all amazing.

ROSALÍA - QUE NO SALGA LA LUNA (Cap.2: Boda [Audio])

The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio

I struggle to choose a favourite National song as I’m a huge fan, but this song was really my introduction to them. The incessant drum beat never gives up and seems to boost the emotion of the vocal, so much so that Matt Berninger doesn’t particularly need to express too much melodically. His lyrics have a wonderful satirical quality, and allow a multitude of interpretations to them, for me at least!

The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio (Official Video)

Ariana Grande – Thank U, Next

I’m a sucker for a good pop tune, and this is a favourite! There’s quite a lot going on in the production but it never gets in the way of the vocal, and just provides such an uplifting vibe. The wonderful thing about music is that at times it’s like fine art, and other times it serves more as a mood.

Ariana Grande - thank u, next (Official Video)


Gypsy – Fleetwood Mac

This is another feel good tune that I put on when I want something fairly easy-listening, but still with substance! I especially love the simplistic drum beat, and Stevie Nicks’ unique vocal.

Fleetwood Mac - Gypsy (Official Music Video)



Kinnship & Pablo Nouvelle’s new album Stones & Geysers is out November 5th.  Pre-save here: