Known for his high end collaborations including one with Conor Maynard, Icona Pop and STMPD RCRDS label boss Martin Garrix himself, Multiplatinum record producer and DJ CMC$ is now teaming up with actor, singer and songwriter Asher Angel on his latest track ‘Nobody But You’. As an accomplished actor having starred in roles in Disney Channel’s groundbreaking original series Andi Mack and DC Comic’s Shazam! which premiered April 2019, Asher is pleased to continue focusing on his music as our strange world continues it’s deep clean. DMC WORLD checks in for another world exclusive…

Your latest track sees you team up with American actor and singer Asher Angel, can you tell us how this connection started?

When I finished the song, I was looking for a singer, I had a chat with one of the writers and he came up with Asher. They planned a session in LA to record the vocals together.

What was the creation process of ‘Nobody But You’ like?

I’ve received the acapella from one of my writers, I was really into it! Produced the beat around it and we pitched it to Asher Angel.

You have been collaborating with many big names such as Conor Maynard and Martin Garrix. What is the best part about collaborating with people like that?

I love collabing with talented people, everyone has their own creative way of working, That inspires me a lot, taught me lots of new things along the way.

Who would you like to collaborate with next? 

I’m always open to collaborate with awesome people, nothing on the planning yet!

When did you start producing? 

I’ve started producing hip hop beats at the age of 15. I’ve tried several genres and I liked to produce all kinds of music. 

How have the last couple of months been for you? What have you been doing to kill time?

It has been hard in the beginning, but I started to accept it slowly. I was killing my time with Netflix, videogames and making music.

Where have you been getting your inspiration from lately? 

I had no inspiration during quarantine, when this was over I’ve been going to parks, nature and pretty relaxing places to get my inspiration.

Who are some of the artists that you look up to?

Skrillex, sickest producer and performer ever!

Do you have any ambitions outside of your music career that you have been exploring currently?

I’ve just started a new company with my brother called ‘Roomfy’ it’s a houses rental software where you can rent/rent out houses. We’re going to launch it in the next couple of weeks.

What new music or other projects are in the works for you?

 We’ve just planned a new single with Gia Koka (known from our song ‘Not Going Home’ with DVBBS). I’m super excited for this one!