Over the past nine months Maur have gathered a thundering momentum with break-through releases on labels such as CR2, ViVA Music and W&O Street tracks. DMCWORLD now check in with this fast-rising duo as they make their SOLA debut with the exhilarating peak-time track ‘Set You Free’….

Dan and Dylan, thanks for speaking with us today! It is a pleasure to have you with us! First off, can you tell us where you’re both based at the moment and how has the year been for you so far given the global situation? 

Hey! We are based in Derby (Dylan) and Peterborough (Dan) in the UK. It’s been the maddest year for so many reasons. We have tried to make the best of a bad situation and focus on establishing ourselves in the studio. 

We want to say a congrats on your upcoming release on Sola! It’s a big track! Can you tell us a bit about the idea behind the track and how it found its home on Sola? 

Thanks alot! It really stemmed from a love for Synthwave music. It’s something we both listen to alot, but we wanted to make it more approachable in the current scene. Taking inspiration and sounds from this genre and combining it with more current tech house beats has really helped us find a bit of a niche. This was one of those tracks that felt special from very early on. The icing on the cake was finding Faber, and the amazing vocal she laid down on it! We sent it over to Nathan who A&R’s for Sola, and he sent it to Mark (Solardo). Mark replied straight away saying he loved it and we went from there! 

We love the vocals on the track too. What’s it like working with Faber? 

Super easy. She is an absolute star. We have no doubt she will be huge in years to come. We have 3-4 tracks in the works with her, and really excited to get them out this year.

It has been a great year musically for you so far with releases on W&O Street Tracks, Cr2 Records, as well as 2 tracks featured on the Sola Lost Summer Sessions compilation last month also. With such a solid output for the year so far we’d love to hear a bit about your creative process when it comes to making music?

It’s important never to force the process and always crucial to get in the zone. We do that in different ways, whether it’s playing games or watching documentaries but it’s generally about relaxing and making music when you want too. We use whatsapp and voice notes to send music and ideas to each other all the time. I think we are sitting on over 1000 voice notes currently since lockdown! 

Can you tell us a bit about how you initially came together as a duo? 

We met in 2015 through a mutual friend and started sending music back and forth online that we had been working on. We then figured out we had studied the same sound engineering degree, at the same university, a couple years apart! We have never really forced it but have put out music slowly over the past 4-5 years. It’s only really been 2020 that we have consistently released music, and we are really seeing some positive reactions to the new stuff. We now have a list of labels and goals for the next year and we aim to smash every one of them!

What piece of advice would you offer to a duo in the early stages of their career? 

Don’t rush. Labels will always want a follow up, so have lots of music ready before you start sending out demos. If you make good music, everything else will follow.

What are you both looking forward to the most as the global situation hopefully begins to ease?

The restrictions on travel have been one of the hardest parts of all this. We wanna get out there and play all of our new music to you all.

Thanks again for talking with us today lads. To round off, is there anything upcoming from you that you can let us in on? 

We have lots more music coming with the Solardo guys including some amazing collaborations. Keep an eye on our socials for some teasers!


Maur ‘Set You Free ft. Faber’

Released 18th September on Sola Records

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