Crate Classics

After selling millions of singles under their previous project Sam and The Womp, as well as supporting MIA, plus playing alongside Disclosure, Mark Ronson and Kranium, Jamie Rodigan (son of David Rodigan) and Aaron Horn are now under a new guise – Crate Classics. Their recent releases have already received heavy support from BBC Radio 1, Capital, Reprezent and many more. Now they’re teaming up with “icon in waiting” (according to Clash) Eliza Legzdina for ‘Rose Tinted,’ which hints towards 90’s Detroit techno and big room breakbeat. DMCWORLD dive in for another world exclusive…


Congratulations on your new single ‘Rose Tinted’ which is out today– can you tell us about the production process of the track? How did the idea come about?

During lockdown Jamie and I had the chance to go through all of our old archives of tracks and samples and some of the stuff we came across was super early rave stab samples. You can hear the sample at the beginning of the track and it was so easy it almost played itself. We jumped on the keys and played in the matching bassline, programmed up some jungle drums and the track was there super quick. Then Eliza came in and blew us away with the vocal she laid down and how it works with the whole track by giving it real space, ambience and attitude.

It’s a proper mishmash of genres, what are your main influences and how do you blend them together for such a distinct sound?

I think the thing that we love always about classic Jungle and its roots in the hardcore rave scene was that it was always a real melting pot of genres like Reggae, Hip-Hop & Rare Groove and different tracks sped up or slowed down and the way in which it would find a way into mixes and mash ups. Some of the bootlegs you can find out there on Bandcamp by Destiny’s Child or crazy Jungle flips of UK Drill tracks definitely influenced our blend of dancefloor styles. I think as there are less boundaries in dance music and a lot more progressive sounding tracks out there it’s nice to see what future blends are possible.

What do you think Eliza adds to the track? She’s really starting to blow up at the minute!

When we met Eliza we were just blown away and she laid this vocal down so quickly with such amazing attitude, poise and style !  Eliza has this amazing sound to her voice and with being from Latvia her accent is unique and has something really crisp and beautiful about it that added so much to the track. Her use of lyrics, wordplay and the laid-back but energetic feel really put a great spin on it and made it feel fresh. We definitely couldn’t have got the track sitting like this without her. She is a force of nature, working from energy from the source and we are just happy to have been blessed with her presence.

How do you go about deciding who to collaborate with? Is it a natural process or do you have to search hard?

This was a happy coincidence working with Eliza as we had done a remix for Laura Ross project with Nigel Godrich and since we saw them working together and loved her style we connected the dots.

Finally, will we be able to hear the single live soon? What gigs do you have planned?

Yes it’s so great to see live shows coming back and both of us are playing more. You can find us DJing in places like Soho House and a few festivals.