No stranger to success with the massive hit ‘Troublesome’ with DJ Luck & Shy Cookie, Troublesome now delivers yet another Ragga influence smasher to the UKG scene accompanied by some of the biggest names in UKG on ‘Champion Sound’. Here we check in with one the track’s superstars, the world’s first UKG MC, the Godfather of Garage…MC Creed is in da house…

A huge welcome to DMCWORLD dude! Big news for you right now thanks to the release of ‘Champion Sound’ that features yourself and a galaxy of UKG superstars. Please tell us the story of the tune and how you got involved in one of the hottest tracks of 2020…

I got a call from Troublesome out of the blue and he told me he did a track called Champion Sound years ago, he said he collaborated with Danny Blaze on the project and Scott and Nick had recently remixed the track. I am a big fan of Troublesome’s work and when asked to jump on the track I did not hesitate. Production wise Scott & Nick and Danny Blaze really have something special and the energy in the track is contagious. I have worked with Vapour, Viper and Ultra for many years, so it was all smiles when they joined the project as I know how talented they are.

Okay let’s rewind for a moment to discover how your journey began. What is your earliest memory of music as a child?

My earliest memory was to listening to the top 40 with my mum cooking on a Sunday listening to Bob Marley, George Benson, Curtis Mayfield…all of which my mum played to us. As a youth I was into Jazz Funk, Reggae and Rare Groove…special days.

So who were your musical influences?

Same as what my mum was playing, plus legends like Roy Ayers, Donald Byrd and Jeff Lorber…

How did the whole MCing career begin for you, why did you pick up the mic instead of the headphones?

I went to Canada to stay with my dad; he had loads of records in his house. I was watching loads of raps shows and starting writing to the Marvin Gaye ‘Troubled Man’ album.I was always a writer but didn’t know I could rap. Months later I started raving with loads of lyrics in my head, I started just chatting lyrics to my mates and in people ears and some of my mates told me it sounds good and that’s where it started.

A famous quote about you: “Without Creed, it’s unlikely MCs would have become so intrinsic to the UK Garage sound.” Discuss…

When I started to MC to garage there was no path for an MC. I had to create that path and make it acceptable. I pushed and fought my way in, the crowds loved it but some DJs and promoters not so much at first. I did this in 1991/92 at the birth of the scene in the UK and I continued fighting to make MCs prominent in the industry by launching my own MC agency Vocal Fusion that launched the Vocal Fusion Mixed CDs, events and competition, famously won by Miss Dynamite.

The first time I ever witnessed you spitting was at Happy Days down at The Elephant & Castle pub near the Ministry. Just how important to the UK garage scene was Sunday mornings down here, the party inspired so much…

On a Sunday there was two clubs in Elephant & Castle and we would play in both clubs because it became so popular on a Sunday morning. One venue simply couldn’t contain the crowd, the scene was booming so much that we had to create venues to facilitate crowds. Sundays were the pinnacle of the weekend and this led to it being called The Sunday Scene.

The past few months in London and around the world have seen scenes reminiscent of the acid house days of the late 80s with illegal parties springing up everywhere. The lockdown has literally seen us taking to the streets again to dance. What’s your take on the government’s stance to nightclub/festival/live venue shutdown…the long-lasting effects on our music scene is unthinkable. What are the thoughts of the mighty Creed on all this chaos…?

All industries should have a chance to survive; Most other important businesses such as supermarkets, transport systems, restaurants and retail shops have all been considered during Covid 19. Our industry has been neglected. Nightclubs are important, people need to dance and socialise and nightlife is a massive industry employing thousands and helping the economy and tourism. As much as I understand the concerns of the virus, I am unsure why we have not been considered when we can also apply the same social conditioning as other high capacity businesses. There are other diseases with a much higher death toll, we have to learn to learn with it and without quarantine.

Your work in management of anti knife and gun workshops is well documented. How is Britain doing in the fight to bring safety to our streets, is there any light at the end of this dark tunnel?

I don’t think Britain prioritises this type of crime, this government could do a lot more. This type of crime follows a pattern – it is usually carried out by people suffering from the same social conditions: low employment, poverty, gang culture…the list goes on. There will always be light at the end of a tunnel, but we have to fight for it and we have to try harder to eradicate our problems and not just ignore them and leave them to multiply. If middle or upper class kids were dying from knife crime en mass it would have a higher priority in the mayor’s office.

It’s your birthday and you can book any 3 DJs to spin for you. They can play sets from any scene from the last 5 decades. Who do you pick and what are era are there sets from…

Hahaha I can’t do just three Dan, lol. I have to do a minimum of 5 and if I had my way I would do 30!!!!

Norris Da Boss Windross 2020

Dominic Spreadlove 1992 -1995

Pied Piper – all generations

Mike Ruff Cut Lloyd – every one!

EZ 1995-2000

Who are some of the emerging DJs and vocalists you are giving high fives to at the moment? Who should we be looking out for?

A young guy right now who is hot off the press and only 18 at university, Reeko. This guy is making some serious music right now. He is multi talented and definitely someone to look out for in the future. You read it here in DMCWORLD first guys!

Back in 1999 when talking about the UKG scene you were quoted as saying…”It’s a British thing. Not black, not white. This is the only music in the whole world that we’re best at.” You are one of the founders of whole UK garage industry helping it become a commercially recognised genre. What have been some of your proudest moments over the years?

Wow there has been so many! One of them was hearing one of our first ever Garage tracks on the TV. Another one, obviously ‘Top Of The Tops’ with Da Click was a personal proud moment for me and all my family as I grew up watching that show. My Vocal Fusion album was a huge moment for me being signed and being at the forefront of the MC movement.

Another amazing moment for me was being in South Africa doing a tour with Dominic Spreadlove in 2001/2ish when the people from the township came to watch our concert. Also, being one of the founders and owner of the UKG awards and touring the UK with it, putting on these awards ceremonies was a massive highlight of my career. And finally performing with the Dreem Team at Glastonbury and the amazing Spoonys Garage Classical with my sister Rose Windross.

And finally, what is next musically for MC Creed. Where are you taking us next…?

I am really busy at the moment creating, say no more…..hoooooohhaarr!!!

Champion Sound (feat. Troublesome, MC Creed, MC Ultra, MC Vapour & MC Viper) – Single by Danny Blaze & Scott & Nick