No stranger to success with the massive hit ‘Troublesome’ with DJ Luck & Shy Cookie, Troublesome now delivers yet another Ragga influence smasher to the UKG scene accompanied by some of the biggest names in UKG on ‘Champion Sound’. DMCWORLD gets the world exclusive with the man on fire right now…

Michael a huge welcome to DMCWORLD dude! Big news for you right now thanks to the release ‘Champion Sound’ featuring yourself and a galaxy of UKG superstars, which we will come to a little later. But let’s dive back into time and see where this musical adventure began. What is your earliest musical memory as a child, did you grow up in a musical household?

Yes, my father used to play a sound in Jamaica before coming to the UK. He continued his love for the music and bought loads of records, so there was always music playing in the home.

Who were some of your musical influences back in the day?

Burning Spear, Mykal Rose, Bob Marley – the list goes on. Basically I’m a lover of roots and culture.

Was music always going to be the life path you for you or was there ever any other careers we nearly lost to you to?

No Dan, music captured my heart from an early age and that was it.

You are one of the originators of the Ragga 2step Garage sound and known for pushing boundaries in multiple scenes. How is the music scene in 2020, are we in a good place…anyone we should be looking out for?

The music scene is moving well right now, there’s a lot of new talent coming through and also it’s a lot easier for an artist to get the music heard these days. Mad Rass, look out for him new. A major new UK Reggae artist….

Please tell us the story of ‘Champion Sound’, one of the hottest tracks of 2020…

AWW Champion Sound was a track I had with Danny Blaze, I think I did it around 2015. We had a nice mix but couldn’t get a label to take it so we sat on it for a while, then this year I heard a track by Scott and Nick – ‘Dubplate’ ft Mc Ultra and the Ragga Twins. I was like ‘yo, that track is bad!’ I loved the beat so I sent the Champion Sound vocals to Scott and Nick to cook up some fire that they did, I think MC Ultra heard it reached out to me to go on it with Mc Vapour and Mc Viper. With that I reached out to Creed and the magic all came together…

The past few months in London and around the world have seen scenes reminiscent of the acid house days of the late 80s with illegal parties springing up everywhere. The lockdown has literally seen us taking to the streets again to dance. What’s your take on the government’s stance to the nightclub/festival/live venue shutdown?

I stay OUT of the politics and just concentrate on making that fire.

How was lockdown for you…was it a constructive time for you or were you bouncing off the walls?

No, it was cool. I made sure it was constructive, we got a lot of fire to drop haha

Okay let’s get personal for a minute…

What is your all time favourite film?

Coming to America

The album you always reach for on a lazy Sunday?

‘Exodus’ by Bob Marley

A famous person you would love to swap lives with for 24 hours?

Lewis Hamilton

Your first adolescent pop star crush?

Left Eye

Your best friend in the world?

My kids

And finally, what is coming next from you musically?

Oh so much good music on all musical platforms. Get ready…

Champion Sound (feat. Troublesome, MC Creed, MC Ultra, MC Vapour & MC Viper) – Single by Danny Blaze & Scott & Nick