Dani Calvo

Spanish born and London based producer Dani Calvo is a fresh face to the electronic scene but has already achieved his debut single collaboration ‘Song of the Ages’ with Grammy nominated artist V Bozeman. Being no stranger to music, he worked crafting his own sound and learning art of music production at an early age of 15 to then signing to Alacran Records. DMCWORLD catch up with the exciting artist around his single, his inspirations, life in lockdown and his upcoming plans….


Welcome to DMC World, Dani Calvo, how are you?

Hi guys! Really good thank you! I am so happy and excited to talk to you about what’s coming. I much appreciate this opportunity.

What made you decide to take a career in music?

It was not all of a sudden, it all started when I was like 12 years old, my older brother was really passionate about music. I used to listen all the records he had, but there was a few which basically drove me to who I am right now: Daft Punk, Massive Attack, The Prodigy, Zero7, Chemical Brothers, Underworld.

If I have to name a “firestarter” song, that would be The Prodigy – No Good (Start the dance) or Underworld – Born Slippy. Just remembering those melodies gives me goose bumps. When I turned 15, I bought a cheap dj mixer and a friend of mine gave me a CD with Ableton. After years of endless hours of research and youtube videos I learned how to write my own music. After even study a degree in Sound engineering to improve all my production techniques, I am still spending hours of research on new sounds and mastering my work. I put a lot of effort and dedication to every single one of them. So, I am thrilled to introduce you my latest collaboration.

Dani Calvo & V Bozeman - Song Of The Ages (Extended Mix)

Tell us about ‘Song of the Ages’ with V Bozeman and how the record came together?

Long story short, right after signing with Alacran they proposed me to collaborate with V and hell yeah, let’s do that. I met Bozeman right at Alacran studios in Miami on March 2020 and we started to work on the track straight away. We had such a great connection and the vibe at the studio was so great that the sounds came along right away. It took us just two days to get everything recorded and two more days for arrangement and mixing. The workflow was super smooth, we had a lot of fun right there!

As a DJ and producer, what inspires you?

My connection with nature and the sea is really strong. I was born next to Mediterranean Sea in Spain and that’s such an inspiration for me and something that follows me quite deep. It brings me peace, calm and inspiration which is reflected in my music. You can easily find sound samples of the sea or different elements from nature in my records.

Now living in London for a few years now It has also been an inspiration, the constant vibe of the city, the communion of ethnicities and cultures is enriching my life and music.

Also, there are some artists that inspire me when I am in the studio like Bicep, Bonobo, Floating Points, FKJ to name a few.

How have you found being in lockdown? Has it been beneficial or the opposite for you?

Well, that’s an interesting question! I can tell you that it has been both. The benefit of being locked at home for so long is that I am spending time in the studio, I am composing, exploring with new music genres and techniques and also enjoying the company of my girlfriend and my dog.

Nevertheless, it’s sad what’s happening in the music / entertainment industry. Lots of clubs being closed, no live acts. People need to dance together and socialize.

What exciting collaborations can we expect to potentially see in the near future?

That’s something we are working on and unfortunately can’t be revealed just yet, but big things are coming!

What else can we expect later this year?

We will be releasing my solo material through the next months and hopefully, I will be back in the game soon. Can’t wait to see the moment I am allowed to draw a smile on people’s faces on any club or festival around this year. Stay tuned on my social media for the upcoming events this year.

Lastly what are the big 5 tunes you can share with our readers for this weekend…

  1. Dani Calvo & V Bozeman – Song of the Ages
  2. Bell Towers – Want you (Need you) (Adam Port Remix)
  3. BICEP – Saku (Feat. Clara La San)
  4. Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Heartbreak (Kerri Chandler Remix)
  5. SBTRKT – New Dorp. New York. Ft. Ezra Koenig


Dani Calvo & V Bozeman – Song of the Ages is out now on Alacran Records