DJ Xplicit

NYC based DJ/Producer DJ Xplicit is back with another sure-fire heater in the form of ‘Different’ ft. Ameria. The second single to come from the rising star since his signing to Disco:wax last year. No stranger to the dance music scene, DJ Xplicit first entered the electronic music realm at just 13 years of age, and hasn’t looked back since. Indulging his passion for music, Vick started off as an on-air radio host for, quickly landing a position as a DJ on Sirius XM. His natural flair for production saw him called upon to produce a number of chart-topping hits such as ‘Driver’ for Gyptian, ‘On A Mission’ for Richie Loop and ‘Hard and Dun’ for T.O.K. DMCWORLD dive in for a world exclusive…


Hey Vick, thanks for chatting with us today and congratulations on your recent signing with Disco:wax/Sony Music. How did this come about and how do you feel?

Thanks for having me on. After finalizing my last release I was shopping it to multiple labels and disco:wax was one of the labels who gave me an opportunity to showcase who I am as a DJ and Producer.  I ended up singing a multi track deal and here we are today releasing my second single ‘Different’.

Talk to us about your new single ‘Different’. What was it like working with Ameria and how did it come about? 

‘Different’ is a song for anyone who has gone through ups and down in the relationship, it focuses on being positive through tough situations. I reached out to Ameria and they sent me back a couple of options, I tweaked and edited the vocals and turned it into this fierce, fun and energetic single.

What’s the creative process like for you? 

My process varies, I’d start a new record, let it sit for a few days and go back to it for a fresh feel. Sometimes I finish it in the same session but ultimately I make sure it’s something I approve of and a record the audience will engage with as well.

You started out as a Radio DJ. How has that set you up in your career and what have you learnt from it? 

Starting out as a Radio DJ opened up many doors for me because I was able to play in multiple clubs and make connections with various artists and managers. I learned that hard work and dedication to your craft will take you far in the industry.

What has been your biggest career highlight so far and what is your biggest career aspiration? 

I’ve had a few great moments but I’d say signing to Sony Music has definitely been my career highlight so far. My goal is to continue to grow my catalog, put out solid tracks and ultimately have multiple platinum records and tour the world playing at festivals and clubs when things get back to normal.

How have you adapted to life in lockdown? Have you made any changes or has it altered your creativity? Do you think it will have had a lasting effect on the music industry? 

I’ve embraced the change and made it work for me. It’s difficult not doing what you’re accustomed to but I’ve made the most out of it. I’ve had to keep my music down because most people are working from home so using headphones was a big one this year. It will definitely have an effect on how the industry does events, gatherings, meetups, sessions etc. as we move forward.

What does the future look like for DJ Xplicit? 

The future is bright for me, I have more tracks and remixes in the work and I am pushing to expand my career so I can become an industry leader.

DJ Xplicit’s new single ‘Different’ ft. Ameria is out now on Disco:wax/Sony