Eddy M

With a residency in the world’s most in demand club brand Elrow, Eddy M really is one of tech-house and techno’s top DJs to watch in 2020. Eddy’s musical journey began in the town of Messina in Sicily, Italy, where his love of rhythm and beats saw him play drums in bands since the tender age of twelve. He later graduated to Palermo’s European School of Jazz where he took his talent to the next level by studying piano, guitar and percussion. Eddy began producing in 2010,taking inspiration from his classical training and influence from his love for the old school, particularly 90’s hip hop in the form of Cypress Hill, Tribe Called Quest and Ice Cube, to create his own unique form of tech house and techno. DMCWORLD checks in with the main man as he releases his latest tune via DIRTYBIRD…

Hi Eddy! Thanks for sitting down with DMCWORLD! Let’s start off with a bit about ‘Catching Glory’ – what was the inspiration behind the track, and what did you use to make it?

Great to be here! So I remember that night, I was off the weekend and I decided to spend the Friday night in the studio. I do experimental things when I’m free in my cave, playing various synths, looking for new sounds and studying the best way to use it in my tracks. The inspiration came from the sounds of the breaks. I was having a jam session with a Dave Smith synth called “90’s California” on a Hip-Hop beat just for fun and I fell in love with it. Then I thought to build it straight up to a 4\4 fat Tech-house bassline with my favourite Elektron MKII accompanied by a funky groove from the Tr8 and I got “Catching Glory”. 

Was Claude VonStroke one of the first you sent the demo to? What made DIRTYBIRD a good fit for it?

I was sure this track was the right one for papa Vonstroke, just because I had so much fun working on it in the studio. Dirtybird it was one of my favourite labels and also a goal for me as producer. 

You have quite a lot of experience in creating club anthems that go well with audiences. Tell us about your path in developing your hit making skills, and how you keep track of what sounds/styles are the “next big thing” 

I’m just following myself in the studio. The “funk” rhythm is everywhere in my tracks, all my new unreleased rolls like my productions use to roll out. Hard groove on the drum machines and synths ready to drop during the breaks. 

What do you do to stay original and authentic to yourself when making music? 

If you follow your heart you are being authentic, that works in the world of music and outside. I think that’s the right law everyone should follow.

Going into your relationship with DIRTYBIRD, how did you become involved with the brand? What led to you and Claude VonStroke collaborating for “Getting Hot?”

The track name “Getting Hot” was my input, it sounded like the right funny concept to be released on the label. Claude said the same when he listened for the first time, we both agreed with the idea.

Elrow and DIRTYBIRD both seem to share a similar ethos in that they are DIY, very familial, and encourage ultimate self expression on the floor. In your own words, what connections do you see between elrow and DIRTYBIRD?

Their passion for entertainment is unparalleled, the events are unique; you must see for yourself to truly comprehend about what kind of parties we are talking about. It’s a different concept to most parties. I like it!

Having been an elrow resident for five years, what are some of the major lessons you’ve learned during this time that have been the most beneficial to your career?

I’ve learned to play different styles like Deep Tech, Tech House and Techno all around the world. I have also had the chance to test new tracks from the studio every time I get to play.

You’ve also toured all around the world with elrow and beyond. What are some of your favorite cities to play, and why are they your favorites? 

London, Manchester and Santiago. Every time I play there I have so much fun, the crowds are amazing. When I play in the UK I can be a bit darker with grooves and fat kicks. Then in South America more catchy Tech-House. I love both vibes!

What are your biggest fears that you face as an artist, and what are your plans to deal with them if they happen?

Fears? I live just to have fun and enjoy life every day.

And what are some goals you want to accomplish in your career in the next five years?

I want to grow up in music industry, continue running a personal label, have a studio in Los Angeles along with a few other things.

What’s next in Eddy M’s pipeline for the rest of 2020?

Plenty of music and new experimental stuff ready to be released…