Copenhagen-based LittGloss consisting of Kristoffer Fuglsang and Mathias Holsaae are the up and coming producer duo to keep your eyes out for. The duo has produced and written several hits in Denmark, and have a combined amount of +75 million streams on Spotify alone. They master everything from trap and urban music to alternative and classic pop on a high level and having worked with some of the biggest artists in Denmark like Gulddreng, Martin Jensen and Skinz. With the new release of their debut single ‘L.A. Traffic’, we thought it was high time to catchup with the duo to get the lowdown on their new single, collaborations and what else is in store this year…

Welcome to DMC World, LittGloss, how are you guys?

We are doing really good, thank you! Like so many others around the globe we are currently spending most of our time indoors. Luckily, this isn’t too bad when you are a producer.

Tell us more about your latest single “L.A. Traffic”, how did it come together?

We wrote the song in our studio in Copenhagen. Our good friend and songwriter Oscar Johansen had prepared a note document with different topics on his iPhone, among these topics was “L.A. Traffic”. I (Kristoffer) chose the topic “L.A. Traffic” which embodies the time-stopping sensation that occurs when people dance with someone special. As a team composed of two producers, we usually divide the work, so one person can concentrate on writing the song, whilst the other produces. Because of this, our working process is usually really effective and smooth. It actually only took one session to write and produce “L.A. Traffic”. After that it was only a matter of correcting a few things before we sent the track for mixing/mastering.

LittGloss - LittGloss - L.A. Traffic (Official Lyric Video)

As producers and songwriters you have worked with the likes of Martin Jensen and Gulddreng, how was it collaborating with them?

It was a lot of fun to work with a famous DJ like Martin Jensen. “I Could Get Used To This” is actually one of the first House/Electronic tracks we’ve ever made. We sent the song idea to Martin, he joined us in the studio, and a few days later the track was done. Gulddreng is a legend in Denmark. Working with Gulddreng has definitely opened many doors for us here in Denmark.

As DJs and producers, what inspires you?

The energy in the studio is a huge inspiration to us. Anyone who’s ever tried to be in a studio know how important the energy in the room is. Some days are almost magical. Everything works for us and we bring home an amazing track. Other days, we have to fight quite a bit to make something happen. Travelling is also a huge inspiration for us. When we travel to places like L.A., we meet a lot of new and exciting people that think differently and work differently. All these new impressions ensure that our creativity is at its max and hence paving the way for new creations.

Can we expect to see you guys playing shows soon?

We have a couple of confirmed bookings over the summer, however whether or not these will become a reality depends on the development of the virus. Unfortunately, we can’t say too much about these booking, as they haven’t gone public yet. Otherwise we hope that “L.A. Traffic” will become a huge international success so that we can play some shows outside of Denmark in the near future!

Any collaborations in the works, you can tell us about?

Right now, we are mainly focused on our own project. We want to create continuity in our sound. That said, we are often working with other DJ´s and producers and as a result of that made different kinds of tracks, that differ from our sound and universe. So it isn’t unrealistic that we are releasing a collab sooner than you think!

Being both from Copenhagen, has your local music scene helped you as producers and DJ’s?

Having produced for many of the biggest Danish artist has definitely given us an advantage. We are however very grateful for all the support “L.A. Traffic” has received from the different Danish artists as well as the media. Everyone has been extremely kind to promote our newest single on social media.

What releases can we expect for this year, can fans be ready for an EP?

The plan for this coming year is to focus mainly on singles. However not just singles as LittGloss but also singles made in collaboration with other DJs. We can’t say too much about future collaborations yet, but we promise that it’s going to be awesome.

Lastly what are the big 5 tunes you can share with our readers this weekend…

Silk City – Only Can Get Better
Purple Disco Machine – In My Arms
Kink – Raw
Disclosure – Expressing What Matters
LSD – Audio (CID Remix)