Arizona-born DJ and producer Forbes is an artist who sits firmly in the ‘One To Watch’ category. His contemporary productions have made a solid impression with hundreds of thousands of streams and support across influential YouTube Channels. And just as adept out of the studio as he is in it, he’s supported the likes of Autograf and DLMT and appeared at LA’s Oasis Festival and at hot underground hangout, Catch One. Now signed to South Africa’s leading independent dance imprint, UFO Recordz, where he’s teamed up with fellow Arizona artist David Shane for a multi-single deal, we caught up with Forbes to chat about how he almost ended up as a pro-hockey player, what motivates him to make music, and his ultimate dream collaboration with Aerosmith.


Let’s chat about your new single Endlessly. It’s quite different from your previous big room releases. Was it a conscious decision to create a more commercial sounding track or was it simply the end product of an organic writing / production process?

David and I have worked on a lot of projects together in the studio. When we finally decided to put out a record together, I had envisioned a pop-dance type track because I knew how well that would complement David’s vocals. When he started singing the lyrics to Endlessly, I knew I had the perfect project for his vocals.

How did you come to sign to UFO Recordz?

My manager, Jack Ducey, started sending out my demos to different labels. I was able to get a lot of good responses, but UFO Recordz was the label that shared the same vision for my music.

David Shane & Forbes - Endlessly (Official Music Video) UFO Recordz

Your career path into music wasn’t a traditional one. You’ve gone from playing ice hockey at collegiate level to now producing music. What was the main thing that spurred you to give up a sporting career?

Switching from sports to music was the most difficult decision I have had to make at this point in my life, but I have no regrets. My life was taking a big change and music was right in front of me. I applied the same hard work I did to athletics as I did to music and I just did not stop. I became obsessed with music the way I was obsessed with hockey. I took every chance I could to learn, listen, and improve.

What did your teammates think of your love of music – were they aware there was a budding producer inside of you or did you keep it hidden?

I think, at first, my teammates thought I just had a hidden talent for DJing. I don’t think they had any idea I would start producing and performing at such a high level. But now they have been nothing but my biggest supporters. Hockey is a really great community and fortunately, so is the EDM world.

How did you meet David Shane?

We met through some mutual friends at a studio session. I was producing and he was writing, and we hit it off from the start. From there we started doing our own sessions and the ball kept rolling from there.

What inspires you to make music?

I really have two big recurring influences on my music. Number one is just my daily life. Experiencing life to the fullest with friends, family, and colleagues in different settings brings a lot of creative inspiration to myself. Secondly, I receive a lot of inspiration by being around other creatives and artists and listening to them talk about life and music. Listening really is the best tool sometimes in the studio.

Where do you see yourself going next – what goals have you set for yourself?

I’ve just finished my first year professionally releasing and performing my music. For year two, I am going to start performing on a lot more shows in the United States and hopefully globally as well.

We hear there’s another single coming on UFO Recordz and that it’s a bit of a banger. What can people expect there?

Anytime David and I make a track, it’s always a vibe. I would definitely expect something different than ‘Endlessly’, but I don’t want to release too many details. All I would say is to keep a look out for another hit!

Do you have any gigs lined up now the world has opened up again?

Yes! I have been performing regularly since the world has opened back up. Follow me on social media to stay up to date with show dates! I look forward to seeing you all and having a fantastic time.

Finally, if you can collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, or would it be?

I would love to collaborate with Aerosmith, specifically Steven Tyler. I loved Aerosmith growing up as a kid and I still do now. I am not sure what kind of song we would create, but I know it would be amazing!

David Shane & Forbes ‘Endlessly’ is out now on UFO Recordz:

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