Ozzie – ‘Dreams’ (Nick Manning remix) [Tazmania Records]

Just when you’re rummaging for those thermal gloves, searching for scarves and the Daily Express get their knickers in a twist about the impending ‘snowmageddon’ along comes a sublime slice of Summer. With one of those Gat Decor finger pointing’ basslines, a piano which has more Vitamin D than an August afternoon in Ibiza and funky guitar licks straight outta the drawer marked ‘Pharrell’, ‘Dreams’ oozes carefree youth and unashamed infatuation. Teenage vocalist (and writer) Ozzie possesses a refreshing vocal timbre for a genre more usually overpopulated with wailing diva’s. With one foot in contemporary pop and the other on a dance podium in a ‘Back to the ‘90’s’ rave, Nick Manning’s remix straddles the centuries to create a funky floor-filler with a fresh feel. An infectious and impressive debut.