FRACTURES is the moniker of singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Mark Zito. After amassing over 40 million streams globally, FRACTURES has been hibernating – perfecting his craft and the next phase of his already celebrated career. DMCWORLD checks in as he releases his next track ‘Last’…

Q1. Hey FRACTURES, welcome to DMC. You just released your latest track ‘Last’, what is the meaning behind it?
It’s not a song with a heap of depth, just to remove some of the mystique right off the bat. It’s about a rendezvous that turned into something more than was intended. The instrumental bed kind of informed the rest – I wanted to make something fun, bouncy – throw it back to the 90s house and I guess it put me in that place mentally.
Sometimes it’s fun to pretend I’m a lothario and can actually relate to this scenarios. Sometimes.
Q2. ‘Last’ follows the success of your previous singles ‘Burnt’ and ‘Medium’. How does it feel to have lots of great music out already this year?
It’s a relief. Sitting on unreleased songs isn’t something I love doing. Once I make them I want people to hear them, so having them out in the world is equal parts gratifying and a tension release. I’m in the early phase of this electronic side of my music so there are nerves in kind of revealing this new direction to people, particularly the rusted on fans, hopefully it’s a delicious pill for them to swallow.
Q3. When making a track, what is your favorite part of the process?
I’m sure I’m not alone but the initial stage of exploration is the most exciting.
Just hearing something take shape from the ground up over the course of a day – and that’s when it’s a good day – is really rewarding. I more or less forget how I start a song every time I begin a new one, it’s an addictive feeling and probably why so many people have so many half-finished demos sitting in the digital archives. Oops.
Q4. If you could choose one word to describe your journey in the music industry so far, what would it be?
Varied. Stylistically, trajectory wise. It’s been a mixed bag, but a good bag.
Q5. You’re gearing up to drop a project later this year, what can we expect from it?
A bit of everything, but it all makes sense together. Earlier in my career it truly was a musical salad with my output, I never had my eye on the whole concept, or created a thru-line in the music I made. I kind of just smooshed them together in a pile at the end of the process and called it a release but with this album, as much as it is me exploring the different aspects of electronic music, it’s more of a cohesive collection than anything I’ve done before. The songs make sense side by side. As per usual, plenty of emotion in there, it has to make it out of me somewhere so why not through the music.

Q6. What do you do, and where do you go if you have an artistic block?
I try my best to whittle that block down into something beautiful, sometimes to the point where I write a whole day off prolonging the inevitable and ending up with nothing. More often than not, short of calling it ‘giving up’, just walking away for a bit is the best solution for me. Even if it means doing admin for an hour, because the mental fatigue of trying to push a big lump of shit uphill more often than not wipes me out for the remainder of the day and makes me a grumpy boy, covered in that figurative shit I mentioned.
Q7. How is the rest of 2023 looking for you?
It’s exciting. I’ve got music on the cooker that naturally I’m more excited about than anything else, as much as I want people to listen to the album, I think I’ve really found my pocket and I’m looking forward to showing it to the wider world. I think it’ll turn some heads. Looking forward to popping up a lot more on collaborations too, it’s nice to get out of my one man bubble every now and then.
Q8. Do you have any specific career goals for the future?
Never specifically, maybe that’s my problem, but I want to keep building on what I feel like has been the most significant progress of my production over the course of my career, that excites me the most. So boiled down, something like ‘reaching my full potential’ or some inspiration quote that says similar. And I want people to properly hear it too, because humility aside I think I’m good at music, and not much else. Certainly not interviews.
Q9. What are some of the challenges you have faced in the industry and how have you
overcome them?
Constantly being creative is maybe not a natural state for me, so that’s an ongoing one. Adversity in this industry is so often based on statistics and though I’ve been more fortunate than many, it so often presents an obstacle in numerous ways. Internal and external comparison to peers is something that is that much more exacerbated by those sorts of trivial reference points and something I can’t seem to avoid despite my best efforts. So I guess staying focused is a part of that, on the creation side of things, and focused on my own ability and not letting that doubt creep in and stop me in what I set out to do when I started this career.
Q10. And finally, tell us one random fact about you that not many people know.
I enjoy sitting down to urinate. Thank you for your time.