Fedde a huge welcome back to DMCWORLD. Where on planet earth are you right now?

I’m actually in my favourite place on this globe….my studio!! I’ve got a show coming up in Vietnam next week but until then I’m banging out some new beats!!!

What is the best piece of new music you have heard since rolling out of bed?

As I’ve literally just been in my studio I really could only say what I’m currently working on..hahaha!

Major news for you at the moment thanks to your electro house jam ‘Love’s Gonna Get You’ that you cooked up with D.O.D. Talk us through this new Spinnin’ release…

Yes I’m so excited it’s finally dropping now!! I’ve been playing this out and fine-tuning for a pretty long time now, I’d say definitely since early summer last year, and we just kept going back and forth and tweaking left and right. I think the record was worth all effort that went in to it. You really create a record like this with the floor in mind, and it just kills every time, whether it’s a big festival ground or an intimate club… I’m very happy with it and seeing it’s massive reception is definitely big!

Fedde Le Grand and D.O.D – Love’s Gonna Get You (Official Music Video)


You dropped the tune at your Ultra Miami Mainstage set in March, how was the week in the sun this year? Is it still one of the most important dates on the clubbing calendar?

Yeah definitely. I think it is. It’s a great start to the year, a great moment to catch some sun and test out the new tunes you’ve got lined up for the year. And Love’s Gonna Get You went down like a charm!!

You have just returned from a mouth watering to South America hitting Chile and Brazil. Highlights?

Sensation Chile was definitely massive, the crowd was very much into it and I have to give a shout-out to my Chile fans, you guys are the bomb! Brazil was super fun as well, it’s always great to be back and after my gig we headed over the Hardwell who was playing nearby, we had a shitload of fun!!

What are the 5 big tunes in your box this weekend?

Marten Hørger & Neon Steve – You Don’t

Bingo Players – Bust This

Fedde Le Grand and D.O.D – Love’s Gonna Get You

Aggresivnes – Rock This

Fatboy Slim – Where U Iz (Chocolate Puma Remix)

Kingsland looked MASSIVE this year. Why is this event so important to you?

I think you really should be Dutch to understand it, but you have to imagine, the whole country is like a maximum 3 hour drive from top to bottom, everyone loves dance music, we have the biggest dj’s, and everyone comes out to play one huge event after the other. It’s really something else. This year I had 4x plays all within about 8 hours, they had to bring out a chopper to get me in time from A to B and the other parts we did with a big car and the whole team came out, it was super fun!!

The Ibiza season is weeks away. What is the craziest trip you have ever had on the White Isle?

Hahaha I can answer that one without thinking!! Once I lost my bag having had a super fun play and heading out for some drinks after with a few friends, it wasn’t until the next morning that I realized that I had actually lost it and my passport was in there, everything. It was in the middle of my summer tour so I had to fly out to catch my next show… The drama was very real!! Luckily I had my second passport on me which literally never happens and my team was there to get me sorted on some new USB’s etc so I at least could head out to my next show, they stayed and eventually saved the day by getting all of my stuff back… It was quite the night!

An up and coming producer to watch out for this summer…

Off course I’m going to have to give the shout-out to D.O.D, he’s doing massively well and I think all the success is well deserved.

What is coming up next for you studio wise?

Hmmm…I’m doubting if I can give this away, it’s going to be absolutely massive, Ida Corr is on there and I think I’ll leave it at that for now. Let’s connect again soon and I’ll fill you in on all the details!

What is the last great…

Film you saw…Hidden Figures

Album you checked….Jamiroquai – Automaton

Live gig you rocked out at…heading to Bruno Mars early next week actually, can’t wait!

And finally – let’s skip forward 12 months. What does Fedde Le Grand want to achieve by this time next year…

Still doing what I do. Making music, traveling the world, I’m very fortunate to be able to share my passion with so many people across the globe and I hope I’ll be allowed to do so for a very long time!