Hey Alex, can you tell us about your new single and your inspiration for writing it?

So my new single is out on my new label, called Basement Sound and I’m really excited about this record. I’ve really wanted to write an eclectic sounding track for a while now, and the moment I heard the vocal I was so keen to work on it. I first started to get into dance music back in like 2004, and here in Australia we had this huge scene around this label that I loved called, Modular. I’ve wanted to write something that felt like those record for years and this vocal reminded me of those feels so that would definitely be the inspiration.

Why so many yeah’s?

Why not ?! haha! I believe this is my first record with “yeah’s”, so at this point in my musical career I felt that I really needed to pop my “yeah, yeah” cherry! Seriously though, I love the chorus with the “yeah’s”, gives the track some nice feels!

What has been the weirdest point of your musical journey so far?

Look there has definitely been a few weird points over the years and I’m also a bit of a weirdo myself which doesn’t help the situation!

How was it collaborating with Dave Winnel?

Dave is such a legend and an amazing producer, it was an awesome experience! It was something we had spoken about for ages so it was great to finally work in the studio with him. We worked really well together actually, which can be a rare thing when you’re collaborating with someone. Dave works in a similar sort of way to myself, we kind of experiment a bit and like to try different things with sounds as we go. I think we had a couple of different drops for the track going at one stage! As well as the fact that we’re great mates outside the studio, it was a lot of fun!

If you could collaborated with anyone, alive or dead who would it be and why?

This is a really hard question because there are so many names that spring to mind, so I’m going to give you 3 names. I’d really like to work with Chris Lake, I’ve been a fan of his for years and I love his style and approach to house music. I’d also like to do a track with NVOY, I love those guys, such nice vibes. And I’m going to say Jimi Hendrix, because he’s Jimi fucking Hendrix.

What can we look forward to from you this Summer?

I have a few more tunes lined up and ready to go. I’m pretty keen to get them out there as well! I’m also doing a national tour here in Australia and then hoping to get over to Europe as well in September / October.