Shy FX

We check into Shy FX towers as man of the moment Idris Elba delivers two brand new remixes of ‘Chocolate’ bringing new dancefloor delight for this former Annie Mac ‘Hottest Record’ slammer….


Interview by Dan Prince


Andre a huge welcome back to DMCWORLD, where on this crazy planet are you right now? 

I’m currently, as always, in my studio! If I’m not at home or at a show you’ll find me in the studio for sure.

The best piece of new music you have heard today?

The tune I’m working on for my next release is pretty dope, but when I’m not zoned into my own stuff, Dave is an artist I’ve got a lot of time for. His track ‘How I Met My Ex’ off his new EP is sick. He’s a very young artist wise beyond his years, he’ll go far.

Big news in your world at the moment thanks to your amazing Chocolate track receiving two remixes from our pal Idris Elba. Can you remember when you first hooked up with the man like Elba, are you firm friends these days?

We met at his party at Pikes in Ibiza and kept in touch since then, we were waiting for the right opportunity to work with each other, which finally came up recently. He’s a really decent guy and a sick producer, so really pleased we’ve finally been able to work together on something.

Did you have a chat about his remix before he delved in, or did you just let him crack on?

It’s best to let everyone just crack on with their own take with remixes, as everyone is going to hear things in their own way and have their own interpretation. He smashed it, I was pleasantly surprised with his interpretation for sure.

A recent major quote from you…Right now I’m in a place where I feel like I’m a brand new artist, making music I’ve never made before…I want to create something that can’t easily be put into a genre.” How would you describe the new music you are creating, where are you getting the inspiration from?

It’s difficult to describe what I’m making at the moment, because as I said in that quote, I’m making music that isn’t definable, it’s just what I feel to make at the time of production. Making music that is in it’s own lane is something that I feel pretty happy about right now.

True or false? You were sacked from your first job when you refused to clean the toilets?

Ha! The answer is sort of…I worked at Sour Records as a Tape Op, essentially training to be an engineer. It was the perfect opportunity to make tunes after hours using all the equipment as well. I was having to make teas like any intern, but they asked me to clean the toilets and I refused so they sacked me. However…Plot twist… I left behind a track called Gangsta, which they must have played somehow and they ended up signing it, as well as Original Nuttah, so it all worked out in the end.

Throw some of the summer events you starred at that are still fresh in the memory bank…

I had a pretty busy summer this year, Reading and Leeds was a highlight, Glastonbury as always, it’s just such a sick festival. Once you’ve been once you’ll understand why. Of course Notting Hill Carnival, I had my stage again this year featuring, Toddla T, Craig David, Lily Allen, Oneman, Mark Ronson, Breakage, Redlight, Rude Kid and DJ Charlsey all rolled through and did their thing. Carnival is always the highlight of the year, such a special time for London.

An up and coming producer we should be looking out for in 2018?

Check out UK producer Faze Miyake, he’s doing a lot in the underground scene right now, working with some really talented and exciting MC’s and producers.

What is coming out next from you studio wise?

There’s a lot coming out in 2018, but I can’t reveal too much at the moment. You’ll just have to sit tight for now and keep following the journey!

And finally, Christmas is around the corner. What does Shy FX really need in his life now from Santa?

A holiday!

Shy FX and Breakage
‘Chocolate’ ft Roses Gabor and Ghetts
(Driis Sugar Zaddy & 7 Wallace Remixes)
Insanity Records
Out Now!