INVU is a talented young British artist based out in Sydney who has been really impressing recently with a huge array of quality new music on his label Vibe Material. He now has created a sub-label Omni to really express his studio capacity across a multitude of genres and it shows with his new release “Mon Daze”…

Hey INVU, how has the year been for you on a personal level?

Personally it’s been a prosperous year, I managed to focus my energy in to the right places at the right times and I benefitted from the free time the lockdowns granted me. However, I know I’m a rare case as many many people have suffered tremendously over the course of this year and that makes me quite sad. 

You’re based in Sydney is that correct? Have you been able to make music during lockdown and stuff? 

Yeah I’m based in Sydney. I work full time as a set builder for film and television and do music on the side but that all changed in March when I returned to music full time for 3 months.  I had a feeling it was going to be a good year but if you had of told me it would have played out like this… I wouldn’t have believed you. Crazy times. 

Tell us about your new label Omni – why start it now?

It’s another outlet for me to be abit more expansive in terms of style with my releases and other artists music. Hence the name, Omni. I took the inspiration from Omni directional microphones, they pick up the audio from all around. 

What is the sound and vibe going to be?

All the music on OMNI will be house and techno but it will give me more freedom creatively myself to release and to sign other producers music from all over the spectrum.

How is it different to your other label Vibe Material?

Vibe Material seems to have taken more deep and organic sounding route. Currently I’d like to keep it that way.

What lessons have you learnt with that label that you will bring to the new label?

We have had some great releases and success with Vibe Material so far and that has taught me to trust my own vision more confidently in terms of the music and the artwork etc. Practice makes perfect and now I have another outlet with OMNI to perfect my processes.

Tell us about your new EP Mon Daze – what inspired it?

My inspiration is always to try be better than last time. It all came together quite nicely during lockdown, I thought all the tracks offered something different. What you want is a special track as it features my girlfriend, Lauren on the vocals.

What gear did you use to make it? Are you fussy about your setup?

My analog studio gear consists of a Moog Sub37, a Nord rack 2 and a Roland tr-9 and digitally I use the sound toys plug in a lot. I’m not fussy at all to be fair, I’m always keen to try new kit. Essentially these days I could be completely in the box and be happy creatively. which is amazing if I’m away from home and need to work remotely.

What else you got coming up?

Plenty!! I’m finishing music at a rapid rate so keep your eyes peeled!! The next project I have lined up is an 10 track Album called “Architechture” including a brand new Robert Owens track. Also we have a “Southern Hemisphere Summer Selections” compilation out on Vibe Material to look out for. We are just putting the finishing touches to that as we speak.

Have you still bought music even though there are no DJ gigs right now?

I have to admit, not as much. I’m still looking and have bought some but I’m more focused on my own output at present. There doesn’t seem to be an awful lot of light at the end of the tunnel in Australia either in terms of opening the music venues. That is something I’m hoping will change soon though as we are moving in to summer.

INVU’s “Mon Daze” is out now on Omni Grab it here –