Mike Konstanty

Hailing from the Polish capital of Warsaw, Mike Konstanty burst onto the scene earlier this year where he released his debut track ‘Prayer For Rain’ on Toolroom for their Miami 2020 compilation. Already a well respected DJ on the international stage, he has also shared booths with world-class artists such as Claptone, Riva Starr, DOORLY and Camelphat. DMCWORLD checks in with the main man as he releases his new track ‘Come To My Room’ with UK singer-songwriter Leela D…

Hey Mike! Great to meet. Thanks for your time. Let’s get started with a little bit of your background. Who is Mike Konstanty?

Hey, Thanks for this talk and invitation. I’m so grateful for it! Mike Konstanty is a Polish DJ and producer who after many years and adventures with music, finally decided this what he wants to do.  He is independent and has a big ambition.

How did you kickstart your career? 

I start DJing when I was 16 in Łuków, a small city 120m from Warsaw, the capital Poland. It was hard time to be a DJ, but then I learnt the basics and started experiencing with a crowd and DJ setup. It was more than 20 years ago. I was counting beats per minute to make good mix two tracks because cd players did not have a pitch. Vinyls were hard to get and expensive for 16 year old boy  

You exploded into the scene with ‘Prayer For Rain’. How did you find all the attention?

This track was made after my ayahuasca retreat. I wanted to bring my experience and make Prayer for Rain. I sent it to Mark Knight and he liked it, and included in the compilation Miami 2020 for Toolroom Records. It was my first release.

Did you always know you wanted to create music?

I think that’s the natural order of things when you a DJ. You listen to music, you wonder how it is created, you learn and you want to share your music with your friends, fans, family.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? 

Inspiration itself comes from everyday life. I can’t tell where it comes from.

Does it vary every time you make a new track?

Each track is different, its creation process is different. Sometimes the first idea is completely different than the final version because new ideas came along during the process. Some tracks wait to be released for a long time. Like the instrumentals for ‘’Come To My Room’’ was done two years before release. I spent a long time finding a good vocalist which is Leela D.


Is there an EP forthcoming?

I have many unreleased tracks. Whether they will be released as an EP depends on the label. Now is a hard time for dance music producers, because of COVID-19 there is nowhere to dance. DJ’s not buying music, the music industry has slowed down, we all look forward to better times.

Although it is just beginning, what has been your highlight this far in your career?

The most important factor is the first step. In my case was taking the decision to stop playing in commercial clubs and start working on what the heart dictates. Next was a gig with Mark Knight, Doorly, Claptone, Camelphat and the rest just happened.

If you could play anywhere in the World, where would that be? Why?

I live in Poland where it gets colder, that’s why I would like to play wherever it is hot  One of the places I would like to play is festival Epizode on Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam. I was there two years ago and it was great.

Do you have any tips for aspiring producers/DJs?

The most important thing in music is to be at peace with yourself,

Treat it as a passion not a cash machine

Do not give up

Who are your Top 3 musical artists right now? Why?

1st place is my bigger bro Mark Knight. I’m full of respect and admiration for the way he has been dealing with for so many years reconciling productions, labels and gigs, not forgetting the family.

Claptone for their great sense of style, idea and realization… they are brilliant

Martinez Brothers for originality, creativity, authenticity … I had the opportunity to meet them at a party in London. They are definitely leaders in every way.

What’s your favourite track at the moment and why? Any genre welcome!

I apologize for being no modest but at the moment I’m in love in my own production in collaboration with Roland Clark “My Story’’ it’s a great track, I’m still listening and truly love it. Will be released at the beginning 2021 and I hope everybody will love it like me!