DMCWorld grabs a world exclusive with the rising French producer as he launched his new IOMA moniker…

IOMA - Solar Powered Set

Hey Camille, thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. First off, for those of our readers who are not yet familiar, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hey guys thank you so much for the invitation. Grateful to be here with you today. I grew up in Corsica and I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn piano and guitar at a young age, which I believe has contributed to my musical knowledge and theory. As I entered my teenage years, I began to discover the world of club culture and have been learning more about it ever since. When I turned 18, I moved to Nice for my studies and made some incredible friends with whom I was able to share many great experiences, from listening to music to other activities. After my studies, I travelled to different parts of the world in order to learn about different festivals and musical cultures. Currently, I am actively working on music and other projects in Corsica, where I am originally from.

You’ve just launched your new alias, IOMA, with a livestream filmed in the middle of a solar panel farm. How did the project come about and where did you get the idea of the livestream from?

Ecology and the environment have always been a huge debate in the music industry. I wanted to comeback with something special that had never done before, whilst having the most positive impact on the world. As the project reflects on a modern and futuristic aesthetic, we thought with friends that playing in a solar panel field could be an opportunity. However, even though the idea was interesting, there were so many ups and downs as it took 3 months to make it possible. Luckily, the team involved in the project are very talented and we managed to make it possible. If it can inspire others to make the world a better place, then the mission is complete.

Your livestream was made up entirely of original IOMA Track IDs, how do you feel this new sound differs from your earlier releases under Camille Luciani?

I think they are more uplifting, hopeful and enlightening instead of deep, mental and dark. Fun fact, it also corresponds to my actual mental state. I believe the music you make is a reflection of yourself. Also, the positive reactions from people have been very heart-warming. I am very grateful for all the positive messages and feedback that I have received. Although I don’t take it for granted, it makes me want to deliver more and better in the future.

Have you always been interested in sustainability and the environment?

That’s something that came at an early age thanks to my education and my friends. Even though I might not be the best, I try my best to contribute at my own level. Also, some of my trips have really helped me to be more aware of the global issue. I saw rivers full of plastic and waste with habitants living very close by. I remember coming back home from certain trips with a heart-wrenching feeling. I hope that one day I can help the cause with something bigger than the stream. Of course, I am not the best ecological person and I don’t pretend to be the most actively conscious person, but I think we can all contribute with small actions at our own levels. The goal is not being perfect but taking one simple positive act at a time even with imperfections.

How do you think fellow artists can be more environmentally friendly?

It’s all about doing small daily acts. Being careful with cigarettes butts for instance and their plastic consumption. Turning off electronic devices when not in use in the studio or buying at a local supplier for sound materials are some of the small acts that can also make the difference. Also avoiding clothing items made with fur and leather. Leather is challenging as it is everywhere but alternatives are in development and hopefully we can see some results soon. Regarding fur, some brands such as Gucci, Dolce Gabanna and Versace already stopped it. That’s already a great accomplishment and I am sure the other brands will follow suit. However, using music and social media platforms to raise awareness could be the most leveraging one, especially for the new generation. Social media is a double-edged sword, but with the right purpose, it can be used for good.

You have also just released your first IOMA single, “Era” as a free download in conjunction with the stream – how long has this production been in the works and why did you decide to release this one first?

This single was made in 2020 and since then I haven’t changed that much. It all came really quickly. I think in one day the track was done. I was really happy with that version that I decided to keep it as it was in the early days. Sometimes, not over tweaking is the best as sometimes it damages the raw initial idea. I decided to release it first because that’s a track that I still love even 3 years later and some people have been seeking out the ID since Tale Of Us played it at Awakenings. I thought that was the perfect timing for it.

You’ve received some great support from Tale of Us on this track – how does it feel to have them as such staunch supporters?

I believe came from years of hard work and improving my craft, and meeting them at the right moment and at the right time. I am grateful that they still support my music to this day. I don’t take that for granted as there are so many talented artists who would like to be in that position. Also, their vision has played a major role in the electronic music community. How they break rules and push toward novelty instead of staying in their comfort zone is very inspiring. That motivates me to give 200% and be better every day at my level in order to improve as well.

Are there any other passions you have in life that feed into your productions?

I have been a huge fan of fashion for a long time and that’s why I am working on a concept store in Corsica. I want to combine different forms of arts and hopefully the project will come to life in the near future.

What’s your goal for the rest of the year following the launch of IOMA?

To have a well-defined release plan. We are still working on it as we want to put a great emphasis in each release. Also, probably not all the records from the stream are going be released or are going to be the same. Indeed some versions were made especially for the stream, but we will do our best to make most of it available for everyone.

Any final words for our readers?

Truly glad to come back after 3 years and thankful for all the messages and appreciations received until now. I have been working on a lot of new music and even if the livestream was full of unreleased tracks, there is still so much more that I want to share with the community. You will be able to check some of them out in the near future through my socials.