Midnight Magic ‘I Found Love’ (RAZOR N TAPE RESERVE)


Razor N Tape, co-owned by the great JKriv is on a roll as they say and is ready to drop one of their key releases of the year so far.

Following on from 2021’s massive reboot of Midnight Magic’s seminal classic ‘Beam Me Up’, the label has now unearthed a bit of NYC indie disco history with ‘I Found Love’.  Although recorded over 10 years ago in Midnight Magic’s nascent early period that produced many of their legendary hits, the song never received an official release; until now it has been heard only by select ears and lucky concert goers.  The package comes with a grip of luminous remixes by

Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca, Sophie Lloyd, Perel and Derrick Carter, some solicited at the time of recording and some brand new, but all exceptionally fresh.

The package is-let’s say exceptional-every mix being a winner. Beside the disco esque Original, Defected’s Sophie Lloyd takes the track into Nu Disco territories as she delivers a funked up bass heavy guitar driven version. The ‘Perel Remix’ goes In a similar direction, but housing up those drums to perfection. My personal faves are the Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca mixes which are able to create a gospel Disco feeling of the highest order. Those pianos still into your mind, wherever you want that or not. On a second part of the record, Derrick Carter Remixes will follow. So far, so good 😉


Reviewed by MANNIX

5 out of 5