Joël Fabrice

Joël Fabrice’s blend of deep and tech house is a modern meet of melodious and groovy soundscapes. At the forefront of a new generation of promising producers in the electronic space, he cut his teeth across Zürich’s club circuit, performing at iconic venues including OXA and Kaufleuten. Signing to renowned Swiss label Hieronica in 2011, his hometown’s scene served as a source of inspiration and a stepping stone. Creating a buzz and building his following, he began receiving international bookings at the likes of World Club Dome (Frankfurt, Germany) and Miami Music Week events. Performances at festivals such as Motion Openair, Street Parade, Holi Festival and Vibez Festival, resulted in him signing to Sirup Artist Agency, the home base of industry titans EDX, Antonio Giacca and Nora En Pure. With every release and performance, Joël showcases his larger-than-life sound, pushing his name further into the depths of the scene. 


Hey Joël! Welcome to DMC World – where are we speaking to you from today?

JF: Hello DMC World, I hope you are all well. I’m in my home studio in beautiful Switzerland right now, nice to talk to you.

You have a new club-ready track coming out called ‘Losing My Mind’ – can you tell us a bit about this production and how it came about?

JF: Yes exactly, it’s a deeper tech house track and will be released on April 22nd. The drums and the groove were dominant from the beginning and I wanted to let this be the core without overloading the track. It fits well in a set for late hours. I already tested the track in several clubs, like in Miami where I played a month ago. It’s a great follow-up to my last single “BAD”, which was played by Solardo and EDX among others.

How did you get into producing? Did DJing come later?

JF: I have been musically active since I was a child. I learned to play the guitar at an early age and as a young teenager the love for electronic music came. At the age of 15 I learned how to DJ with two turntables and a mixer in my room at home. When I got my first gig, things started to come together. More shows followed and soon I was on the road every weekend.
At 20 I got signed to a renowned Swiss label, which is when I started to get more interested in producing. From then on, I focused on bigger bookings. I played at well-known events and big festivals, collecting my first international experience. At the same time, I developed my style, which I continuously refined while producing.

For a long time, I was not satisfied with my productions and had to improve until I released my first EP “Take That” in 2020. At that point I got also signed by the Sirup Artist Agency. Since then I had six more releases and with “Losing My Mind” follows the seventh.

What has been the best show you have played to-date?

JF: That’s a difficult question… I love playing at the Kaufleuten Club in Zurich and at various big festivals. However, the shows at Miami Music Week were the most memorable. Playing next to big names and learning from them in this special city that turns every night into day means a lot to me.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

JF: There are a few! So far, I was holding back with collaborations, but if Vintage Culture, Camelphat or Nora En Pure would knock on my door, the wait would have an end. *laughing*

How do you find inspiration for producing?

JF: A lot of times I’ll sit in the studio, play with my drum machine or my guitar and then a jam evolves into a project. But I’ve also been lying in bed, unable to sleep, and suddenly I hear a melody that I couldn’t get rid of – so I got up and sat down behind the synthesizers.
But the most important thing for me is to listen to other artists’ work and follow their sets, then I get flooded with ideas.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

JF: Yes definitely! Before a show, I go out for a nice meal with my team. For me it’s a chicken salad or something else that is light and healthy. That way I feel good and full of energy for the night. But the company is more essential than the food. My photo- & videographer Rémy Brahier can’t be missing – he’s a guarantor for good vibes and looks after me when my tour manager is not there.

What else do you have coming up over the next few months?

JF: I already have two more tracks ready. After “Losing My Mind” a song called “Playing For Keeps” with an incredible vocal of a female singer will follow. Stylistically it moves in the direction of melodic tech. The second one is a club/festival bomb in the same style. Now that everything is going back to normal, I can produce completely open and wide – I’m really looking forward to the upcoming time!

Also, the concept of my first own radio show is ready, which will also be launched soon.

How do you spend your time when you aren’t on tour or in the studio?

JF: I still spend a lot of time with my second great passion, carpentry. I love wood and construction. It grounds me and satisfies my physical drive. I also go to the gym regularly, meet up with friends and now that summer is coming back, I’ll be going out on the boat a lot and enjoying the quiet moments that are deserved after a hard day’s work.

Any last words for the DMC readers?

JF: Thank you very much for your attention, I’m sure we’ll meet soon, no matter where in the world. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my management Sirup Artist Agency. 

I am very happy for new followers on Spotify, Apple Music or my social media @joelfabrice – accompany me on my journey, it has just begun.

But most important: stay healthy, celebrate a lot and enjoy life.