LE YORA is a new union between four of Berlin’s most exciting new DJs and producers SOMMA, Jewels, yuma. and MAGNUS. With their background being deeply steeped in DIY culture, the foursome have all taken ownership over each aspect of their artistic vision, from songwriting and producing to mixing and visual art. They take inspiration from the various locations they’ve traveled to including Paris, Glasgow, New York, and now Cape Town where they will be recording sessions with some of South Africa’s most talented producers – Sun El-Musician, Kenza and MPOV.wav to name a few. DMCWORLD dives in for a world exclusive…


Please can you tell us the idea behind the quartet and what sparked the idea to join forces?

We’ve met on the internet about 2.5 years ago and started working together. We developed a passion for the same type of music and started working on this project together. Likewise, we also quickly became friends and soon defined Berlin as our hub, which is when three of us moved here to fully focus on this project.

Your sound is described as a signature blend of afro-house and melodic techno with ethereal indie-inspired vocals – Could you describe the root of this and how it came together?

It all came together very naturally – we pretty much combined our influences and condensed it into one sound. Generally, it is important to us to write proper songs and melodies (not just tracks) that will also work on the dance floor.

Your individual sounds are all pretty different, what was the creative process for Labyrinth and were there any struggles during the process?

In the process of creating Labyrinth, we all found a common sound that’s us. It’s a representation of us and will also define our label ‘Ascension’.

You’re originally from different cities in the world – has moving and living in Berlin impacted your creativity as a whole?

Not really – we already worked pretty well together before. We also love spending time abroad to write music. But for now, Berlin is our hub.

Do you have any specific places in Berlin which have inspired or influenced your music?

Inspiration mostly comes from traveling to exotic places. Ideas are then often executed in Berlin.

‘Ascension’ was the name of the first single off the album. This is what you then named your label. Was it always in the plans to start a label?

Not always, but when our identity found us, it felt like enlightenment, and we knew we had to create our own platform and movement.

Many of MAGNUS’ vocals explore themes of a spiritual awakening – was this a thought-out theme for the album?

Yes, literally.

Do you have a favourite track on the album? Which and why?

‘Labyrinth’ and ‘Meet You There’  –  production and vibe wise. In terms of lyrics and the song’s concept, we love ‘More Than I Should Know’ and ‘Solaris’

Parts of the album were created in different cities. Could you let us know your favourite city to create and why?

Cape Town. Because it feels like a second home to us. We genuinely connect with its nature, culture and music a lot.

Each of you started writing songs before entering the world of DJing, who are your biggest influences in music?

Nirvana, Radiohead, WhoMadeWho

What is next for LE YORA? 

We already have a vision for the second album, which is going to be a sequel to the story of the first one, but with integrating a new component/influence we don’t wanna spoil yet.

To find out more about LE YORA, go to: Instagram | Spotify | Soundcloud