Back To Mine With Joseph Malik

Scottish artist Joseph Malik has crafted a fantastic catalogue of music over the decades and is highly respected for his distinctively soulful voice and on point song writing skills. Largely known for his incredible ‘Diverse’ trilogy and ‘Aquarius Songs’ albums, he’s been a firm favourite of the likes of Gilles Peterson, Craig Charles and many more. As the first single, ‘Adult Contemporary’, drops from his highly anticipated new album ‘Proxima Ebony’, DMCWorld goes back to Mine with Joseph Malik.

Sylvester – Over and Over

As a kid in the 1970’s, my aunties took me dancing on Saturday afternoons to Tiffanies disco in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow and it’s here that I learnt to dance – even before Hip Hop came into my life. Sylvester’s ‘Over and Over’ has stayed with me and now, I’m showing how that track has influenced me to become the ‘Adult Contemporary’ alter ego to show another side of me to the World.

Over And Over (12" Version)

Kameelah Waheed – America the Beautiful (Bruise Remix)

I feel truly blessed to be working with my label sister, New Jersey artist, Kameelah Waheed on two tracks on my forthcoming LP ‘Proxima Ebony’. We built up a musical bond with each other when Kameelah contributed to ‘Battlecry’ on my ‘Diverse Pt. 3’ LP. Here’s her ‘America the Beautiful’ (Bruise Remix) which came out on F*CLR – proper house with conscious lyrics.

America The Beautiful Official Music Video

A Tribe Called Quest – The Space Program

A Tribe Called Quest have had a massive influence on my whole life since the first album dropped and I must’ve listened 100 times in 1 day – no exaggeration! Their ‘Space Program’ track is the one that had the most impact – it’s a call to action in music.

A Tribe Called Quest - The Space Program (Official Video)

Joseph Malik – Battle Cry (Liberation Suite) ft. Capitol A, Kameelah Waheed, Baby Bam

The Tribe Called Quest ‘Space Program track inspired me to go on and make music with a message and ‘Battlecry’, taken from my LP ‘Diverse Pt.3’ is ’the true benchmark in my music and production development with my music brother, San Francisco based rapper Capitol A. Capitol’s re-work features Kameelah Waheed, plus a narration of a 1960s civil rights speech by Baby Bam from the Jungle Brothers – and the rest, as they say, is history!

Battle Cry (feat. Kameelah Waheed, Baby Bam) (Liberation Suite)

Ballistic Brothers – Blacker

Ashley Beedle has been a presence in my life since I was a club kid dancing in Glasgow’s Sub Club. Fast forward 30 years and I never imagined that as an artist / producer, I’d be signed to his wife’s, Jo Wallace, record labels Ramrock Records and F*CLR Records and working with Ashley on forthcoming projects. Watch this space for our Black Science Orchestra track that will drop in the summer.

Fatlip & Blu – Gangsta Rap (prod. Madlib)

The return of Fatlip & Blu from the Pharcyde with Madlib on production…’Gangsta Rap’ blasting out in my home studio took me go back to my Hip Hop roots when I was the DJ and producer with ‘Blackanized’ which I co-founded in ’93. #scottishhiphop

Fatlip & Blu - Gangsta Rap (prod. Madlib) (Official Music Video)

Alina Bzhezhinska, HipHarpCollective – Soul Vibrations

I was doing a charity gig in Edinburgh with one of my oldest musical friends, Steven Christie of the Proclaimers and that’s when I first heard Alina play – her harp playing stopped in my tracks – goosebumps on my skin! I said to Stevie,’ I’m going to make music with this sister, and she said ‘yes’! We have put together a track called ‘Hollywood Africans’, based on the painting by my hero, Jean Michael Basquiat. We’ll be going in the studio soon to record our ideas for my ‘Proxima Ebony’ LP.

Alina Bzhezhinska, HipHarpCollective - Soul Vibrations

Shuya Okino – Variant Issue Interlude, Pt. 1

When I made this interlude, I knew I wanted to feature the linguistic skills of long time personal friend and member of Kyoto Jazz Massive, Shuya Okino along with my Uncle Fawaz, Capitol A, Daniel Walls and Spanish DJ, Margarita Lopez. Shuya is also returning to feature on ‘Proxima Ebony’ with a tailor made track.

Variant Issue Interlude, Pt. 1 (feat. Capitol A, Digital Liquid, Shuya Okino)

Theo Parrish – Serengeti Echoes

One of the ‘Proxima Ebony’ co-writers and Edinburgh studio owner, Daniel Walls aka Digital Liquid, played this Theo Parrish track during our time constructing the ideas for the new LP. Theo’s deep house vibes will be evident on the album in more ways than one  – but y’all have to wait till the album drops.

Theo Parrish - "Serengeti Echoes"

Joseph Malik – Adult Contemporary

‘Adult Contemporary’ is one of my most insightful songs – personal, vulnerable and inspirational in one track. With deepest respect paid to my inspirations, 70s disco icon Sylvester, legendary producer Patrick Adams and trailblazer, Larry Levan, my vocals have been laid above the keyboard mastery of Darren Morris to deliver a track remembering all those who passed or were affected during the AIDS epidemic in the early 80s.

Joseph Malik - Adult Contemporary

Joseph Malik ‘Adult Contemporary’ is out now on F*CLR Records.