Manue G

From fashion shows to dance-floors, Manue G pops her Trade cherry to make an unrelenting debut at Kinky Trade on Bank Holiday Sunday April 30th. Known for her energy, precision mixing and a sense of sharing great moments with people, Manue’s deep underground techno style continues to see her in demand on the Paris scene.  She has played alongside international headliners such as Ken Ishii, Sébastien Léger, John Digweed, Miss Kittin and the Hacker, Towa Tei (Deee-Lite), Chus & Ceballos, Nakadia, Vitalic, Jérôme Isma-Ae, Portman, Phunk Investigation, Industrialyzer, Paula Temple and Wouter de Moor.

On the International stage Manue has headlined events such as Recon in the UK, Gorillas in Italy, the Dépôt in Paris, the Brutal Fetish Week, and numerous Cloakroom Invite parties. She is also the Resident DJ at Kode in Montréal. And since 2018, Manu has been working on electronic-mental projects such as Échappée belle and KMK2, with her partner, DJ Kamille Louis. DMCWORLD gets a world exclusive…


You are coming to play Kinky Trade on Sunday April 30th at Egg LDN, is this your first time participating in a Trade event and what are you most excited about?

Yes it’s the first time, what really excites me is to participate in this legendary evening with Recon whom I also really like. TRADE + RECON = an Explosive party.

For UK clubbers who may not have heard you play or checked your Soundcloud page (, how would you describe your sound, what you play and what you will bring to celebration ?

I play Techno in all its different powerful, rhythmic and underground styles. In fact it’s rather happy techno.

Trade is one of the capital’s queer all-night beacons and has a long history of hosting amazing DJ talent, and has Trade influenced your musical journey? Can you tell us how i.e. listen to DJ sets, attend events etc?

I attended a Trade event in 2000 in Ibiza and I loved its huge underground appeal and powerful music so much and we all stayed till the end in the morning some time. There’s been some incredible DJs on Trade line ups across the years and the ones who really stick out for me are Smokin Jo, Pagano, Danny Tenaglia and Nicole Moudaber.

Being part of the Parisian electronic music scene, when and where did you start DJing and what were your first musical and clubbing influences?

I started a long time ago in the underground clubbing  scene of squats, clandestine parties and then all the mythical places in Paris.

My influences go from Laurent Garnier for the plurality of his music to Spiral Tribe 23 for the powerful and wild side of the scene

What have been the highlights of your career so far and have they inspired you to start producing music?

Clubwise it’s the Kode Fetish party in Montreal); Recon in London and Gravity in Germany. Whether the rooms are small or large, I always have a great time and invest myself totally on every show.

You are also part of the electronic duo Escaped Belle and Kmk7 with Kamille Louis and how did you meet? Do you have a favorite track you produced and what makes it so special to you?

Kamille and I met on the dance floor and he’s also a DJ and we met on line ups for events, sharing the same room.

One of my favourite tracks is “90-20” which is Jack’s story going through the Raves and the repressions during COVID. It’s a pretty slow rave track and the album will be released with music videos created from images of Raves from the 90’s.

I understand that you also perform in haute couture shows, and can you tell us about the Parisian fashion and music mix and with which designers have you worked?

I’ve been working with “On Aura Tout Vu” for years, and have worked with Fatima Lopes (Portugal), Dany Attrache (Lebanon), and many many others

Kinky Trade takes place on Bank Holiday Sunday April 30th with DJ Manue G popping her Trade cherry alongside Cenkk, David Ramsay, Daz Saund, Guy Williams, Harry Gay, Knuckleheadz, Kyle E, Lee Harris,  Maze & Masters, Othon, Pagano, Samantha Togni, the Sharp Boys and Wandson Maxx. Kicking off at 6pm and running until super late at EGG London: 5-13 Vale Royal, Kings Cross, London, N7 9AP.


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