Martin Badder

Since 2009 Circus Recordings has built a reputation for releasing music from the biggest names across the House & Techno worlds, as well as discovering the newest talents the industry has to offer. Building on their burgeoning discography, the label now bring us rising stars Martin Badder & Shaniaon Circus with their ‘Ur Type’ EP, complete with a remix from Circus Team member, Bontan. Gracing some of the finest labelshouse music has to offer, Martin Badderhas spread his carefully crafted productions far and wide.Finding homeson labels such as Strictly Rhythm, DFTD, Cr2, REALM, Armada amongst others, his high quality productions, have been picked up and supported bya number of industry heavyweights Dubfire, Joseph Capriati, Nicole Moudaber, Sasha and Carl Craig. DMCWORLD checks in with the man himself…

First off, how did you first get into production?

I’m a classically trained pianist from the age of four and as soon as I reached my early teens, I started forming bands. I leaned towards the more electronic side of music developing a passion for synths and house music and started producing my own tracks with limited studio gear.  

Where are you from? Has it had an effect on your experience with music or influences?

I’m from Bath and in terms of location, I’m positioned really close to Peter Gabriel’s studio Real World. This has had a big influence on my music over the years having grown up playing session piano and keyboards for numerous Real World Records artists. Meeting some amazing producers and engineers there and then going on to do live tours with some of the bands, has shaped me as a musician and now producer.

You’ve had a busy year of releases on a range of renowned labels. Can you tell us a bit about these?

I have quite a diverse range when it comes to genres, so I’ve managed to spread my music across a number of different labels. I’m proud to have released on Steve Lawler’s iVAV which included a wicked John Digweed Remix, massive thanks to Steve for making this a reality, also Gorgon City’s REALM which is a label I’ve followed from the start.

Circus Recordings for me is a label I’m pleased to be releasing on. Yousef’s A&R, support and also direction for the track has been amazing, he has had such a strong vision for the release from the start and has built an amazing team surrounding the release. I can’t think of a better fit for the music.

After a lot of releases your sound is becoming more and more established. How would you describe your sound and how did you come to develop it?

My productions usually start on the piano and I suppose it sounds strange to say but I try and have a real musical element to my tracks rather than just sounds and beats. I come from a song writing background so I’m used to traditional arrangements, verse/chorus/middle eight and this often comes into play when I write. I do pride myself on having a diverse range in terms of style, although moving forward I can see a deeper trend forming. 

You have a forthcoming track with Shania coming out on Circus Recordings. How did this come about?

I received an Instagram message out of the blue from Shania who quickly shared a rough vocal idea with me. Straight away I could hear exactly where the track needed to go and went to work on it. When writing and arranging the song, it all happened really quick and was kind of just like putting what I could hear in my head down on tape rather than the more usual experimental process. It was as if the track already existed in my head and I just needed to make it reality.

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Have you done collaborations before? Will you do them again?

I love collaborating and have worked with some awesome vocalists and producers over the last year or so. It’s so much fun sharing the process with someone from writing, producing, promoting all the way through to the fruition of a release. Sharing the successes and getting excited about seeing fresh artwork or first radio plays is a great thing to experience with someone rather than just on your own. I’d love to collaborate more in the future.

Is there anyone in particular you would like to collaborate with?

Yes… Three producers I hold in high regards and would love to work with in the future would be Butch, Tom Demac and also Paul Woolford

Where do you envision ‘Ur Type’ be played?

For me the track would sound perfect throughout Ibiza this and next summer. I would also love the song to gain major radio support to open it up to a wider audience, seeing as there are not many clubs open for the track to gain as much live support as usual.

What inspires you when producing? Any tips or tricks you’d like to share?

I listen to as much new music as I can, whenever I hear bits I like, it could be a hi-hat pattern, a filter sweep or a bassline, I make a note. I have hundreds of reference tracks that I take influence from when starting new ideas. One of the best lessons I learn from a friend and record producer Bruno Ellingham a while back, was to really give every instrument its own sonic space and be really disciplined with this in terms of EQ and also dynamics. Using hi and low pass filters along with gates and side chains will really help with this. Once I started applying it to my own production’s things started really happening. Cheers Bruno.

Anything else you’d like to share with DMC readers?

I’m currently in the studio working on a follow up track with Shania so watch this space.