Back To Mine with Lee Cabrera

Kings of Tomorrow-Finally (Danny Tenaglia remix)

Best dance record of all times deserves a remix from the best DJ on planet earth. This remix is a thing of beauty and Danny was snubbed on the Grammy that year but the groove of that bass-line, the percussion that only Danny can give you and of course Julie on vocals was just a complete marriage for any afterparty. He has a dub too that is a bit more dark & twisted that I played as well.

Kings of Tomorrow featuring Julie McKnight - Finally (Danny Tenaglia Return To Paradise Mix)

Steve Lawler-Avaida (The Organ Track)

One of the biggest mentors in my career is Steve Lawler. Everything he does defines, “Afterparty”. When I grow up I wanna DJ all the parties that Steve Lawler has in his day. As a young producer listening to him, I would dream of being able to play whatever the hell you want as there’s not many DJ’s that can do this and keep the floor. Steve is one of those. He’s a dear friend of mine and I debuted on this Viva label in March of this year with my “Real House” EP but this AVAIDA tune is a journey to some seriously Steve Lawler places. One of the finest productions I’ve ever heard…ever! It was this year that I found out that Avaida is actually his daughters name as well. Damn, I got chills writing this 😉

Steve Lawler - Avaida (The Organ Track) OFFICIAL VIDEO /// The History Of The UK Dance Movement

Soul II Soul-Back To Life

As a last record and always in those moments where the music is off and my set is finished and yet they still want more, Im known for dropping an acapella and this one always gets the crowd singing and smiling. As the vocal comes out of the breakdown and in the acapella there’s surprise kick drum right in the main drop section as it’s building & crescendoing and when it hits with the vocal the room erupts (again). All smiles this tune and actually re-doing this in the studio now so keep it a secret Ha!

Soul II Soul - Back To Life (However Do You Want Me) (Official Music Video)

Jorgensen-Untitled (Deadmau5 remix)

I’ve put some goose pumps and smiles on many peoples during the sun-lit hours dropping this tune. I remember the opening DJ in Sao Paulo’s Pacha playing it right before I got on and I’d never heard the record before and the place went nuts and I had to get my shit together quickly as I had to start playing. Ironically it’s also my manager, Jorn Brand’s record from Adapt Management. We learn something new every day 😉

Jorgensen - Untitled (Deadmau5 Remix)

Underworld-Two Months Off

Every after party and even main slot sets, needs classics. You give a bit of what they don’t know in combination of what they do know and it’s always been a successful recipe for me. Sun coming up, sunnies are on, happy people on the dance floor, these are the visions I get when I drop this record. Space Terrace, Cavop Paradiso memories. You always get that fan that see’s you in another party and they say, “Bro, when you dropped Underworld “Two Months Off” at the after party, that was a game changer”. As DJ’s performing these are the ultimate compliments. 

Underworld - Two Months Off

Sia-Drink to Get Drunk (Different Gear remix) 

I was a teenager at Strictly Rhythm and use to live on Danny Tenaglia’s dance floor in NYC and my job was to trainspot as many tunes as he played and this one was a monster for me. We ended up signing Sia’s album but when I finally got the chance to play those headlining rooms and tour, it brought me so much joy to drop this tune. A bit dark and moody but thats what I love about it! 

Different Gear vs Sia ‎– Drink To Get Drunk (Different Gear Mix)

Eric Pyrdz-Kings of Prydzopolis

Life Like did a killer record called “Discopolos” back in the day and then Prydz went and added a bit more to it and also added the Kings of Tomorrow “Finally” vocal on top and it’s about and FEEL GOOD and deep as any tune out there. It builds and builds and builds and then drops to all that big room power Prydz gives you but with that funky bass that Life Like made and perfectly placed Kings of Tomorrow vocals. Game Over when you drop this one! 

Eric Prydz - Kings of Prydzopolis

Wamdue Project-King of my Castle (Original mix) 

One of those Strictly Rhythm jams that everyone try’s to remix but in those afterparty moments, this original mix is so perfect and adds instant energy & positivity to any floor. I’ve seen Carola drop this too and that’s all the affirmation a DJ needs 😉

Wamdue Project - King of My Castle (Official HD Video)

Lil Mo Ying Yang-Reach (Lee Cabrera remix)

Pre “Shake It” and actually the 1st ever project for Lee Cabrera and my debut into the scene. Strictly Rhythm flew me to Ibiza to be with the team and promote the music and everywhere I went the original version of this was being played. I remember always asking DJ Pierre when he came into the Strictly offices, “How do I get on the road and tour?” And he said, “You gotta put your name on a record kid”. After I returned from Ibiza I knew this one was the one. I remember when it was finished I gave it to Danny Tenaglia on a Friday night right before he played and Danny actually had is own edit of “Reach” with a mash up of his. “Elements” record so I thought there was no way I would ever hear my version but I will never forget being in the middle of the dance floor and hearing my kick drum come in at 6AM and I was over-joyed. I actually got to sit there in the middle of thousands of people and lots of my friends while the best DJ in the world played my 1st ever remix. It will forever be that moment in life, where you know what you’re supposed to do in life. Pete Tong ended up making his Essential New Tune and the support was endless, I almost got fired at Strictly for it too but that’s an entirely different story to tell ha! 

Reach (Lee - Cabrera Mix)

Deep Dish feat Stevie Nicks-Dreams

Special tune that always delivers and makes everyone feel warm & fuzzy. My mom use to sing this to me when I was kid over & over so will always be a heart-felt tune and Deep Dish kept it super classy and yet another major mark on their incredible resume

Deep Dish Feat. Stevie Nicks - Dreams [Official Video HD]

Lee Cabrera and Funkerman’s Mayday is out Friday 15th August via Flamingo Recordings