Max Alzamora & Nuclius

DMCWORLD check in with these on fire producers from South America as they deliver a huge new deep house EP from deepest Peru…

A huge welcome to DMCWORLD! Let’s begin by asking you to explain how the duo came about?

We have been friends for a many years, both uf us very involved in the local scene in the city of Lima. Though the duo part came many years later. When we tried a back to back for the first time I think we both realized (with the help of the crowd) we flowed well together. This is how NUMAX was born (Nuclius and Max).

What was the inspiration behind your new release “Everything Changed”? How long did you work on it?

“Everything Changed” literally was inspired by everything changing! We live in a different world now. Though we both feel things will return, we both used our music to keep sane this past year. We went back and fourth with this track for about a month before we were happy with the final mix down.

What was your original plan when you first sat down to create this EP?

Initially it was just “Everything Changed” as a single.. but then “Mirceno” was maturing as we were working on it in parallel and felt that the two tracks had a lot in common. Both are emotional.. one deep one more uplifting.

What is your favourite track on the release?

We like both, but play “Mirceno” more.

What is the current scene like in Peru?

As in the rest of the world everything is still pretty much on pause, though venues have begun to open with small numbers. Many have taken to live streaming, podcasts and sets. By the end of the year we hope things will begin to start up again.

What are currently your main challenges as a DJ? What is it about DJing, compared to, say, producing your own music, that makes it interesting for you?

Producing is awesome but both of us love DJing.. we love long sets that tell a story,  we both love connecting with the crowd..they are the inspiration to it all!

What can we expect from Max Alzamora and Nuclius in the coming months?

We have some pretty amazing artist coming up on our label Orpheus Recordings. Next month a release of remixes of Markus Homm’s SOME DAY EP by James Dexter and Juan mejia/Big AL. Randall Jones EP with a remix by Timo Mass, Paul Haro EP. We have been working a lot on our label this past year. Good things are coming.

And finally, what do you think will change in the industry in the upcoming years?

Well for starters at some point things will be back to normal..maybe not the normal we used to know but the industry will start up again. Music, producers, Djs, bookers, club owners, people etc. are not going anywhere. We do think that this experience has made everyone appreciate things more, people will take note of it..  The future will have more developed digital platforms thats for sure but things will continue as they were, we have no doubt of that. Fingers crossed.

Max Alzamora & Nuclius – “Everything Changed” is out now