21 year old producer Maxe has just made his debut appearance with ‘Echo’  on Sony Music Germany alongside pop sensation ELI. With ELI’s recent success of over 51 million streams on his latest track, combined with the musical excellence of Maxe the pair have produced a dance masterpiece which is sure to make a storm. Maxe had his first glimpse of success whilst featuring on Laruzo’s ‘247’ and soon came to realise his own potential. Backed by Sony Music Germany, the German newcomer has been in the studio honing his craft and creating a signature sound that would announce his arrival on to the dance music scene. DMCWORLD dives in for another world exclusive…

Tell us about ‘Echo’ what was the inspiration behind it?

Maxe: The Song is about the memories you make with your friends and how time can make you drift apart but you are still connected through the memories you made.

ELI: For me school was one of the most defining times in my life. I always wanted to write a song about the feeling of making memories with my best friends without being cheesy.

How did your collaboration come about?

ELI: Maxe invited me to the studio to hang and I came up with some ideas, together alongside the amazingly talented Madeline Juno we wrote the Song in one day.

Maxe, ELI – Echo ft. ELI

How did you find collaborating with each other compared to working alone?

Maxe: Working with other creative people is dope!

ELI: To share your ideas with friends and other creative people is amazing! It often gives you a different perspective which is super important I think! Learning is the best way to move forward in life 🙂

Did you work a lot together in the studio or did you work remotely?

Maxe: Not that often but we will in the future!


You played some exciting shows this year, which one was your favourite?

Gotta name two…

Lollapalooza Main stage 😀 best day of my life!

Played two sold out shows in my hometown Cologne… crazy feeling!! Cried on stage haha…

What is your dream venue to play?

For me its a venue in Cologne called Palladium. I saw my first concert there at the age of 4…


As this is your debut release for Sony Germany was there a lot of pressure to get this right?

Absolutely. It was my first own release as a producer so this felt really special to me. But I have to thank my label and my team for always being there and giving me so much space to do what I want. 

Do you have anymore releases in the pipeline?

Yeah, my next single is called ‘Memories‘. Coming soon! 

What track do you have on repeat at the moment?

Yummyyy from Justin…