Liverpool duo Nightlapse have been on the rise and a regular name popping up in the house scene. Having put out the remix of the Anabel Englund single ‘So Hot’, a collaborative rework where Detroit’s AREA10 boss MK teamed up with his pals Nightlapse to rework the original version of the song. The guys also worked on a remix package of the recent MK hit ‘Back & Forth’, and performed at stages all over the world from the legendary Creamfields, The Warehouse Project, EH1 Festival in Edinburgh, Manchester’s Parklife, MK’s AREA10 annual Pool Parties at Ibiza Rocks. We decided it was high time to speak with the guys, who have just followed up recently with their latest summer ready single ‘Changed Minds’…

Welcome to DMC World, Nightlapse, how are you guys?

We are both great thank you, resting after a crazy New Year!!

Talk to us about your latest single “Changed Minds”, how did it come together?

Energy… last year we played a lot of great gigs and watched some great DJs play. One thing that we love is lots of energy in a set, as we feel it really lifts the room. So, we built this track thinking about that and keeping it as energetic as possible. We have both also just had massive changes in our lives with going for the music full time, so the lyrics about changing your mindset really fit what we are going through in our lives right now. 

As producers and DJ’s, who and what inspires you?

We have both always loved going to big events and festivals. We actually met at Ultra Music Festival in Miami back in 2013, seeing DJs and Producers play their own music and seeing crowds going mental is what has really driven us both.

You’ve had some huge shows this year including Creamfields, Parklife, The Warehouse Project, what were the top highlights for you both?

ALL OF THE ABOVE! Haha. We have been really lucky to play so many it’s really hard to pick… But a huge one for us, obviously with us being from Liverpool, was Creamfields. It was insane going there and being the people behind the decks playing the music, when it was only a couple of years ago that us and all our friends were getting coaches down there to party.

Parklife was insane as well, it seemed to pack out early and was bouncing early on!

Having said that, it’s great playing the festivals but one of our best gigs of the year was Unit 51 in Aberdeen. There is something about playing in a club with a nice low roof that you just can’t beat… Plus the Scotts absolutely love it!! Haha.

You were signed to MK’s Area10 in the past year, how has it been being signed to the label?

It’s been amazing, we’ve just released our first song so are only just really getting going release wise. It’s been great having the backing from MK and his team and having his experience to learn from, not just in the studio but touring the AREA10 shows with them. It really has been something else… We’ve also made a lot of good friends, like KC Lights, an amazing producer that we really get on with. We are like a little family and help each other out, it’s a great place to be…. Something we couldn’t have dreamed of not so long ago. It has definitely set us up for an amazing 2020…

Being both from Liverpool, has your local music scene helped you as producers and DJ’s?

Liverpool has always just seemed to have a great relationship with music. From the Cavern Club years ago to the nightclub scene with Cream and Circus as we were growing up… There is definitely a lot of up and coming talent in Liverpool at the minute and we all seem to bond and bounce off each other…. Not to mention two fellas that we all get inspired by that are at the top of our game right now, the Camels!!

What’s in the pipeline for you guys in the new year?

We have TONS of new music ready to release… We are really excited to start getting it all out there. We have got another big gig for us on 25th Jan, Circus at Bramley Moore Dock in our home town, which is huge for us. Following that we just want to build on what we did last year and take ourselves to the next level.

Where in the world would you be looking to take your sets to?

We love playing over in America… We are back there in Miami in March for the AREA10 Pool Party… but we would also love to play in Vegas (obviously haha). Another place we would love to get to would be Australia, we both have a lot of friends over there and love the people.

Lastly what are the big 5 tunes you can share with our readers this weekend…

5 Tunes really doing it for us in our sets at the minute…

KC Lights – You & Me
Pax – Pass the Bottle
Offaiah – Soldier
Eli Brown – 92 Thing
Nightlapse – Changed Minds (Shameless plug haha!!!!)