Mild Minds

Mild Minds is the brainchild of Benjamin David, the creative force behind several successful projects and came to life via an epiphany in Japan which led to him creating and experimenting outside his usual boundaries. Following the release of his debut EP titles ‘SWIM’, he has now unveiled his new single ‘Movements’, which is out now via Foreign Family Collective / Counter Records. Today we caught up with the Counter Records signee producer to discuss his background in music, new releases, shows and upcoming music talent around his hometown of Australia...

Welcome to DMC World, Mild Minds, how are you?

Feeling pretty great that my new single is coming out this week!

As a producer and an artist, who and what inspires you?

I try to take a lot of influence from the world outside of music, experiences, people, visual art, movies, documentaries, science, psychology tend to be more of a moodboard for what inspires me. Its those feelings you get from learning something, seeing a new perspective, understanding humans that gets me motivated. Then I like to use musical influences to help contextualise and set the boundaries. Within music, Floating Points as an artist inspires me because he comes from a non-musical background with some of his concepts, for example his name, artwork and seemingly the way he programs and creates music.

Talk to us about your latest single “Movements”, how did it come together?

I was working with Pomo on another project and I showed him some of the stuff I was working on, he ended up playing some chords and I build that song around this. The lead was played on my Elecktron Analog keys which is my favourite synth to use on this project. Mood-wise I wanted to make something ambiguous with tension and anticipation and this ended up being one of my favourite tracks on the album.

Mild Minds - Movements

Could you share some details of your background to writing music?

I think of it more as designing than ‘writing’. I started playing around with electronic music when some of the first software came about when was about 13. I’ve always struggled a little with language and have been hooked on the way music allows you to express yourself and create moods, often without words.

A lot of great music talent is coming out of Australia, would you say you’re inspired by local music or do you take inspirations elsewhere?

Majority of inspiration would come elsewhere, mainly because I don’t spend much time there, but we definitely have a lot of talent! We have a very small underground scene and then we have a fairly big alt pop scene, so I personally find it a little too split and divisive, I’m not sure where to fit. If I had to choose someone I’m enjoying, Christopher Port is doing great things.

With only a few releases to your name, you’ve already supported Big Wild on their Superdream tour.. How was this? And any highlights you can share with us?

It was really awesome to travel with such an amazing team of people on a bus, it opened by eyes to alternative ways of touring. I can’t believe you can be in close proximity for so long and all get along. Tour busses really make it a lot smoother. So overall the highlight was simply the experience of opening for someone and getting to travel like that.

Where in the world would you be looking to take your live show to?

Everywhere!. Im hoping to get to explore Europe a little more with this project.

What’s next for Mild Minds?

Just signed to Counter Records for Europe which I feel very lucky about + my first album is coming up. You’ll hear more about it soon.

Lastly what big 5 tunes can you share with our readers this weekend…

Marley Carroll – Shiver

Dj Python – Lampara

Roland Tings – Always Rushing

Dark Sky – Angels

Kelpe – Polymard