Paul Nolan

You've probably been listening and dancing to Paul Nolan for many years, but you might not have realised it. As a co-founder of the highly rated Chapter 24 Rec... Read More...

Lizzie Curious

Hi Lizzie welcome back to DMCWORLD, where in the world are you right now? Hello! It’s great to be chatting with you :) Right now I'm on the train, as I've ... Read More...
Ralph Lawson

Ralph Lawson

Ralph Lawson is quite simply a house music legend. How we will never know. The first record he bought was by Gary Glitter, he grew up in London supporting Arsenal, his first break into the music world was via a mix tape handed over to a guy serving burgers in a van outside Leeds uni. Saying that though, he is also one of the men behind one of the most famous clubs and labels in the world.  Dan Prince checks in with a dancefloor don.