‘FAVORITE’ directly follows up NOVODOR’S previous three lead singles ‘Like’, Second Hand Love’ and ‘Candela’ and boasts a hilarious visual accompaniment that sees NOVODOR traversing the land with several friends in a dream-like state. DMCWORLD grabs a world exclusive…


What was the process like when making the 4-part music video series this year for the ‘Open The NOVODOR’ EP?

It was one of the most amazing & rewarding experiences I’ve had creating something in a really long time. Yhellow, the production company I co-directed & co-wrote this video with, were the perfect collaborators to help bring this whole idea to life. There were a lot of moving parts between shot lists & having to shoot everything on different days. It was also shot completely out of order to make budget and everything fit together timely. ‘CANDELA’ was actually the first video we shot.

NOVODOR - FAVORITE (Official Video Part 4) [Ultra Music]

What’s been the single most rewarding aspect of being able to release this EP?

Well, I haven’t had my own artist project since I began making music. I’ve been in artist duo projects as well as producing and writing for tons of other artists my whole career. So when I decided to embark on this journey of NOVODOR, it just felt like I could finally have my OWN voice. That’s what the most rewarding part of all this was, I got to do it EXACTLY how I wanted it.

If you could perform ‘Open The NOVODOR’ in-full anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Probably at “A Club Called Rhonda” because this EP has a bit of my indie-dance roots as well as traditional house & disco-house. It’s exactly the intersection of what I feel like I brought to the table with this project. The party’s values really align with mine as well, where everyone is accepted no matter what. Just no hate.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given as an artist?

Just be yourself. No one can be you, so just be 100% authentically yourself and everyone will feel that. Not to say you can’t step out of your comfort zone but your musical identity should always show.

What’s your favorite genre of electronic dance music?

House music all day long.

How many windbreakers do you currently have?

Oh at least 35-40. I’m about to go crazy with another order right after this because I ALWAYS NEED MORE.

What’s your favorite part about DJ’ing?

Being able to make everyone dance. I’m blessed to play music that can speak to a lot of different groups of people.

What’s your production process like when crafting an original production versus making a remix?

For the most part, I approach everything the same. The difference with a remix is that I already have preexisting parts that I can chop up or treat like a sample whereas with an original I sometimes will make a sample or a musical part to chop up. Remixes for me are a great way to bring a completely different life in the song. It isn’t just to make a cool track with the acapella.

Over the course of the last 5 years, what performance / set of yours has been your favorite and why?

Probably my shows with Oliver Heldens. He’s been such a supporter of my old projects as well as NOVODOR. His fans just love dance music so much and when he puts other people on his fans seem to not get enough of it. Can’t wait to hopefully play together again soon!

Where do you see your sound progressing over the next 5 years?

I think that’s a very interesting question for me. I definitely have musical ADD but it’s seeming like it’s going into the more club/house lane. I will always make fun & even vocal/pop driven songs but the definite focus is to make memorable club music. I really want to make an impact on the culture side of things as well as bring the genre to people who may not always partake in it.