Honduran-American DJ and producer Edwin is back with a fresh, new single following his debut with ‘Day & Night’ in August. His latest, ‘Summer High’ once again sees him join forces with mentor, John Debo, who is known for his studio techniques and releases on Bedrock and Selador, as well as his work as an Assistant Professor at the established Berklee College of Music. With the aid of Debo, Edwin continues the exciting launch of his blossoming music career with ‘Summer High’, which is out now. DMCWORLD caught up with the rising star to chat about the new single, his experiences opening for A-list DJs, his upcoming plans, and more…


Do you have any memories from your upbringing that have shaped you as an artist?

Growing up, music was always present in our household but my brother turned me on to electronic music when I was around 11.  I played drums and keyboards at a very young age and played at a percussion festival when I was 13. My father took me to my first concert; it was Aventura, a popular bachata group.

How did the scene in Miami shape you as an artist and DJ?

When I started DJing, festivals and electronic music were starting to become really popular, eve on the radio. That motivated me a lot. Being in such close proximity to massive festivals, such as Ultra Music Festival, happening literally 10 minutes away from home pushed me to write songs. Back then it was only for fun and without any intention to release them. Some of my favorite DJs were locals (Renegades of Funk, MorsexCode) who also helped me when I was just starting to produce. We would share a lot of tips back and forth.

What was the experience like opening for names such as Steve Aoki, Hardwell, and Feed Me at such a young age? How did those opportunities come about?

It was a great opportunity to learn how people reacted to my music – what worked and what didn’t work. Then I would try to get better at what I thought I was lacking at the time. Seeing the artists you look up to perform live is a surreal experience.

You’ve been co-writing and producing with John Debo recently. How did the two of you connect and start working together?

John and I met through our project manager, Billy Chapin. We flew to Boston to meet and just hit it off immediately! Given John is all about the music and so am I, it was almost impossible not to write together. It was inevitable for us to collaborate and write. John is an invaluable part of the project.

 Congratulations on the release of your debut single ‘Day & Night’. What was the process of creating it like? Are there any inspirations behind it?

Thank you so so much! It’s been exciting so far. Making the “Day & Night” track was fun; I sat in my living room on a weekend night with some friends and we were looking at videos from festivals and I thought to myself, I should write a song while looking at the footage. I opened Ableton and wrote the main chords and ideas on the spot. Lyrically, the song was inspired by a girl who floated into my life for a minute but made a big impression on me. It’s about the memories we made together and how we’ll hold onto those memories forever.

You’re currently working on music with INOJ and CNCO — can you tell us more about that?

I co-wrote and produced 3 future R&B tracks with INOJ that are going to be released in the near future. She is a great talent and amazing to work with. We got the opportunity to write for CNCO through Lava A&R, Devon O’Connor, and CNCO’s producer Jean Rodriguez.

Do you have anything else in store for the rest of 2021?

I just released my new track, ‘Summer High,’ and we have one more track coming out before the end of the year, which I’m super excited about. I’m continuing to write and collaborate with John. I’m really hoping to do some live shows in the near future, COVID pending.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years as an artist?

I see myself exploring other styles and evolving further sound-wise. Collaborations with other great artists are crucial, as you know. I’m at the beginning of my production career and I am looking forward to releasing much more music and touring. Luckily, working with John Debo has been a big step in my career and towards developing my sound.