Picard Brothers

The Picard Brothers first entered the public consciousness almost by chance after coming across a twitter post by Diplo calling for French DJs. They sent over some of their songs and, a week later the two French brothers came face to face with one of the biggest DJs in the world. He loved their music and the duo soon became part of his core production crew. Having firmly cemented their names as international producers playing pivotal parts in the creation of records by Beyoncé, Mark Ronson and Madonna, the Picard Brothers are now set to step into the spotlight with the release of their new single ‘Won’t Let Go’ out now via Island Records. DMCWORLD gets another world exclusive…

Welcome to DMC World guys! Tell us about your latest single ‘Won’t Let Go’ and the story behind it’s conception?

At the end of last year, right after we finished working on Mark Ronson’s album we felt a need to start making our own music. We locked ourselves in the studio for couple of weeks in between Paris and London and ‘Won’t Let Go’ was one of the first track that we made. We instantly loved it because it blends everything that we love: soul, house, gospel even.

Being brothers and working as a duo must be a unique experience – when did you both realise that music was the career you both wanted to pursue and that you were able to work together to make this happen?

It’s definitely a chance, we get to have a more objective point of view on what we do from each other, there’s a level of trust that we wouldn’t get from somebody else I guess. We don’t have to make concessions too, we usually work on the music until we reach the point where we’re both 100% happy with the songs/tracks.

Tell us about the beginnings of your career and the connection with Diplo?

Diplo found us at a time where we didn’t have a name yet lol, we sent him some beats on an email we found online 8 years ago and he replied right away. Luckily he was coming to Paris the week after, we had dinner with him and since then we’ve been working together consistently. We always shared ideas but more recently we started to get more involved in Silk City, his project with Mark Ronson.

You have a great relationship with Mark Ronson and have co-written numerous songs with him – how did this relationship begin?

We met Mark through Diplo, when they were starting making ideas for Silk City, we luckily ended up working on a bunch of songs including ‘Electricity’. ‘Record Collection’ is literally an album that made us want to be producers, so when Mark asked us to help him produce ‘Late Night Feelings’ it was pretty unreal. The process of making it was so fun too, from L.A to N.Y to Las Vegas, we felt really blessed to get the chance to live that.

You’ve ventured out as solo artists now, ‘Won’t Let Go’ being your debut single  – do you feel you have an advantage in the industry due to your background? How does it feel to be releasing your own music?

We can’t say that we’re in a wrong position, but I would’t necessary think that in 2020 it makes a huge difference. If you know the kids that have millions of followers on tiktok and are gonna dance to your song you sadly have a better advantage I think. But that is just a marketing thing and that’s not what we’re aiming at either, we just want to make the best quality music we can or at least the music that we genuinely love. I would say that the advantage that we have is that we learned to make albums through Mark and Diplo and they were decent teachers lol.

What do we have to look forward to from the Picard Brothers?

We’re very excited about our next single that will come out in a few weeks, and we just finished a remix for Flume and another one for David Spinelli. The lockdown is over here in France so we’ll finally be able to go back to our studio to finish our first album, we can’t wait to put it out!

‘Won’t Let Go’ is out now on Island Records