A huge favourite at DMCWORLD, we check in with the main man as he releases his next single on Circus Records…hear that bass drop…

What has been the single most rewarding aspect of your career so far as a musician since you began producing bass music five years ago in 2015?

Tough one but I would say being recognized by Circus Records, they are such a staple in the bass community. It was an amazing feeling.

Excision, one of dubstep’s most prominent figures at the moment, regularly plays out your tracks while on-tour to hundreds of thousands of fans. What does it feel like to consistently have his support as an artist?

It feels great because in a way it confirms that the music I am making is hitting right. When an artist of that magnitude likes to give me recognition, it will always continue to put the battery in my back to push towards achieving that level of success and beyond myself.

Could you fill us in on the production process that went into making your most recent Circus Records release, ‘Believe’?

I wanted to create something dramatic so I went ahead and sampled a few orchestral elements, Added ton’s of reverb, and of course needed to include bells. To create more of that “movie type” vibe I added some vinyl distortion, a ticking clock (must have), and a little bit of rain. 

After I was satisfied by creating my dramatic “movie type” entrance, I knew right away I was going to need a few huge super saws for the drops. I like to layer my saw leads, High, Mid, Full, Low.  Once I basically map out the whole track I went back in and added some 808’s to the break to give it more of a head bop.

The silky vocals and lyrics in ‘Believe’ are very heart-touching and emotive. What made you decide on the theming for your latest track?

The theme for this record is a personal one, I was going through some hard times not too long ago and really was down on my luck. So I wrote this record to be honest with myself and thought it was important to put it out as a reminder of where I was not too long ago.

What’s been the most exciting part about being able to release music under Circus Records since you signed with them early last year? Any notable memories from your initial ‘Insomnia’ EP or your last released single, ‘WYN (Watch Your Neck)’?

The best memory I have from my last EP has to be seeing videos on Dillon Francis going crazy to my track “Lose it”. I saw tons of people tweet wondering who’s track it was when he posted it on his Instagram and then I discovered he’s been supporting some of my tunes for a little bit that was a crazy day for sure haha. With regards to Circus, I would say the most exciting part was seeing the Circus fans hit me up and pay attention to me as an artist.

As the COVID-19 pandemic ensues and lockdowns remain in-place, DJs and producers the world over are finding new ways to be creative in the studio. Have you been working on anything during this time worth mentioning?

Definitely, I have been working on my best project to date  “Insomnia 3” and I am pretty close to having this project finished.

When everyone is able to tour again, are there any dream venues or festivals that you’ve been eyeing to perform at within the near future?

For venues, there’s one that looks crazy that I would like to try soon —  Bootshaus in Germany.

For festivals, Tomorrowland, EDC & Ultra.

Hailing all the way from beautiful Canada, what aspects of your immediate surroundings do you find the most creatively inspiring as an artist?

I reside in a cool city called Kelowna, surrounded by mountains and various beaches. We have a few great hiking trails with great views, a perfect place to gain some inspiration and clear your thoughts.

We’ve noticed you’ve taken part in a few live streams over the course of the quarantine. What is the best part about being able to DJ and live stream your music to an online crowd?

The best part has to be people being able to tune in from anywhere and rock out with you.

Where do you hope to see yourself professionally within the next five years of your DJ career?

In the next five years, I’d hope to be a solid touring act that’s known for putting on an amazing show! 

Gl0bal ‘Believe’ is out now on Circus Records