Following a series of globally impactful single and EP releases in 2019, one of the circuit’s leading UK proponents, Rudosa, continues his rich vein of form in 2020 with the first of many sterling productions to come. Stepping up for remix duty on Joyhauser’s ‘Entropy’, the Mancunian delivers on acid sensibilities and tenacious percussion that reflect the intelligent yet propulsive strain of underground music he’s so often commended for. DMCWORLD checks in with the main man…

Thanks for taking the time to chat to us! Where are you talking to us from today?

Hey! Pleasure to be chatting with you. I’m currently in my studio in Manchester planning out my day ahead.

For those of our readers who might not know you, please could you briefly introduce yourself?

I’m a Techno DJ / Artist from Manchester, UK. I’ve been doing the Rudosa project for a good number of years now, playing music around the world and producing music for the top labels in Techno.

Considering you recently launched your very own label Moments in Time, 2020 must seem like a very exciting year ahead for you – and you have an upcoming VA compilation on the imprint titled ‘Moments in Time’, Tell us about that?

Yes, this will be the imprint’s second release to date and the first of 2020. It’s a VA with friends and artists who have been a constant feature in my sets over the past few years. Some of the records featured are ones that I’ve always loved but have never been released so I think they’ll really showcase the sound that I want to push for the label and the main focus in direction moving forwards. It features records from myself, Blicz, Hush & Sleep, Reform & Gijensu, all of which are regulars in my sets.

You’ve just returned to Phobiq Recordings to release a remix of Joyhauser’s ‘Entropy’, how did this come about and what were your expectations for the release?

I have been friends with the Joyhauser lads for quite a while and we have been playing each other’s music and sharing videos for some time now. They reached out and asked if I would like to remix one of their tracks. They have such a signature sound and I was more than happy to put my spin on that. 

You’ve released music on a wide variety of top labels including Intec Digital, We Are The Brave, Suara, Second State and JAM. Do these channels reflect the different sides to you as a producer?

I think so yes, when I sit down in the studio sometimes I’ll just make a record because I have an idea in my head. Other times I produce with a specific DJ or festival like Awakenings in mind. This is why my music often fits across the Techno spectrum, because the feel of the track changes but always has my soul at the core and a sound that’s recognisable as me.

You started a music school in Manchester where you’re from, Make Me a DJ, teaching music production and DJing. What was the main reason for starting it and why do you think it’s important for artists to impart their knowledge?

Honestly, I started ‘Make Me A DJ’ to give me an income to afford a studio and survive as a young artist around 12 years ago, when a friend asked me to teach him how to mix. Like most successful businesses, it grew into something that became bigger and bigger and now we have 3 staff and 4 state-of-the-art studios. It’s important to help the next generation understand and achieve dreams. When I started as a DJ it was pre-internet and DJ’s kept skills to themselves but in this day and age sharing knowledge is key to life and being able to grow. I wouldn’t be where I am today without people sharing their wisdom with me so it’s only correct to continue that down the generations.

Would you say that your label is an extension of this, in that you want to give new and upcoming artists a platform on which to learn and grow?

Not as such, Moments In Time links more to my Rudosa project and is more of an output for myself as an artist. It gives me the opportunity to showcase music that I love and often play out in my sets.

What were some of the other reasons for setting up the label?

Moments In Time was designed as a celebration of those small moments in music where you lose yourself completely as well as losing track of time. It’s those moments that stay with you and you end up reminiscing with friends about years later. For example, there’s a moment in Dubfire’s Remix of Paul Ritch’s ‘Split The Line’ which always drags me back to Amnesia’s dancefloor, where I stood with my best mate and became consumed by the moment. I wish I could do it all again. That’s what I want the music to do to people.

What else can we look out for from you and the label in the coming year?

From Rudosa you can expect lots of new music, including some follow ups with labels I’ve previously released with, as well as some new ones I can’t yet talk about. Label wise, we have just launched a cool T-shirt concept to go with each release which you can find on our bandcamp. We’ve also been having some discussions about doing some label showcases, so hopefully that should happen this year.

Any final words for our readers?

Thanks for taking the time to check out the interview and support the music!