Saint Lanvain

International DJ Saint Lanvain returns with another deep-house classic, titled ‘Hey You’. From creating official remixes of The Avener to getting spins on David Guetta’s show, Lanvain is a producer and artist on the rise. We spoke to him to see how he’s getting on…


Hi Leo great to chat. Firstly, how’ve you been over lockdown, has it changed your musical plans?

Hey DMCWORLD! Feeling great thank you. Beside this complicated situation that we are all living in, I’m trying to get myself involved in as many musical projects as possible. It takes a lot of time but we are having great results. So actually lockdown has been great to me allowing me to focus in the studio. Less travels, more of me in the studio and more time to develop what is best next in my career. I’m grateful for that.

Growing up, was music a large part of your life?

Yeah it has always been important. I grew up in a family full of arists; my brother is a musician, my dad an actor and my mum was a singer. So I always grew up in this artistic world full of creative people. It’s inspired me a lot, and now I express myself alone in the studio and on stage – I’m even starting to work on some projects with my family, this is a great feeling!

How did you meet the rest of your writing team Blow ?

In my old studio in Paris. I was working in one room and they arrived to work on their album in another studio room. We started to chat in the coffee area and we had a great feeling talking to each other with the same vibe about music and life. We decided to have a session together and we loved it so much that we have even been to a writing camp in Morocco. A truly great friendship! They are amazing artists and our ideas match a lot in the studio.

How did the production on “Hey You” come about?

I started the instrumental a few months ago in my last writing camp in Morocco but this was the moment when we needed to travel back to our country because of the pandemic lockdown. At that time I decided to not come back to France and went to Brazil. So we started to write lyrics of “Hey You” from my side in Brazil and from their side in France.

What inspired the lyrics?

Actually it is pretty inspired from my life at that time…well, at least the first part. I can’t tell you what is real and what is not! Make up your own mind!

Where do you plan to perform once its safe to do so ? Do you have any venues booked already?
I wanna go back to my past life performing in all parts of the world! I can’t wait to play in a huge venue here in Brazil where the vibe is just incredible. I’m hoping to start my new tour by June in France…I have already a few festivals and outdoor clubs booked…Paris, St Tropez, Cannes, Marrakesh, Portugal, Spain and Brazil…but everything depends of the pandemic situation. But I have a good feeling about it, I think and hope we are very close to better times together again.

What can we expect from the rest of 2021?

Just expect the best: us to be able to be all reunited again in the safest way possible…and be able to celebrate life again!