Skream v The Clause

The Clause have teamed up with electronic maestro Skream for a staggeringly potent remix of their self-released critic-pleaser In My Element. DMCWORLD check in with the main man Skream…

The producer, remixer and DJ works with some of the biggest artists on the planet so it’s a serious coup landing him to remix an unsigned band – even when they’re so very clearly destined for superstardom. Skream was thrilled to get involved after hitting up socials looking for new artists to work with … and when The Clause responded, he jumped at it.

Skream said: “I put out a tweet to see if any bands wanted to collaborate and they got in touch. Wish it was more complicated.
“As soon as I heard the vocal I knew I needed to work on it.”

While Skream is renowned for his work in dance music he has previous in rock too, so In My Element isn’t a complete departure for him – but his genre-defying remix is a new sound for just about anyone else.

He loves the band, the song and the fact it’s all about a wild night out… something he’s no stranger to himself.
 “I wouldn’t say it’s a million miles away from what I normally do as I previously produced for Miles Kane (First Of My Kind). I’ve always been massively into Indie/Rock so felt pretty normal.

“I think as a band they’re cool as fuck. And as for the song it’s all about one big party and if you know me you’ll understand why that appeals! I’m very happy with the results.”

Skream hopes to work with more new and emerging outfits as this one has turned out so well – so be bold and hit him up. And he’s interested in working with the lads again, unsurprisingly.

He said: “I’m super interested in working more with bands like The Clause whether it be on their stuff, my stuff or remixes.

“I 100 per cent think The Clause are destined for success.”

Skream has found it frustrating being off the road during lockdown but admits he’s enjoyed the time with his family… and making music. He said: “Other than obvious financial restraints it’s been pretty nice to a degree. Been getting to spend loads of times with my fiancee and kids and getting to make loads of music.”

The Clause – In My Element – Skream Remix released December 4