Back To Mine with AVNU

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1. Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond

The ultimate back to mine track. Music like nothing else. I’m a massive Pink Floyd fan. My whole family are. Favourite track from my favourite album. Wish you were here. Greatest band in history? Beatles, Pink Floyd or Zep? Dunno. Too hard

Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond [Official Music Video]

2. Aphex Twin – Vordhosbn

It’s crazy, I didn’t actually get into Aphex twin until maybe 5 years ago or so. But when it clicked it’s all I could listen to for like 6 months. I’m like that with music, I’ll ignore certain bands or artists for years.  Then randomly my ears will prick up and it’ll be a song from said artist, then once I fall into that artist’s discography I’m there for months. Insane production and goose bump inducing melodies from one of my favourite artists.  

Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn

3. Wu – tang – 4th Chamber

Liquid Swords is one of my all time favourite albums. And Rza is probably my favourite hip hop producer. No one comes close to Wu-tang for me personally. The uniqueness and rawness. 
Such a tune. Played it in dj sets in clubs but it’s defs got smash the house up after party vibes.

Gza - 4th Chamber Feat. Ghostface Killah, Killah Priest & Rza

4. BEAK – Sex Music

Got introduced to BEAK’s music at an after party funnily enough.  Up at my friends studio (which is next to mine).  We had some crazy parties up there. And this was one the many tracks that he let me hear.  He’s mad on spotify and is always showing me new great music. Friends who share music together stay together!! 

5. The Blue Nile – Let’s Go Out Tonight

One of my all time favourite songs. Depressing as fu** but beautiful. This album was on repeat for years in my mums car when I was growing up and Blue Nile’s music has been played throughout my life. Such an amazing band from Glasgow. One of the most criminally underrated bands in the world. I’ve done around 3/4 edits of their songs and they regularly feature in my DJ sets. 

The Blue Nile - Let's Go Out Tonight (Official Audio)

6. M83 – Solitude

Played this a few times at after parties and folk always ask what it is. M83’s music is super popular but I didn’t click on until around 2016, when I went to Toronto to see family. My cousin is a huge fan and when I first heard this we had to keep it on repeat for the rest of the night hahaha.  Wicked solo and the string section will blow your mind. Notable mentions: By the kiss and in church –  couldn’t decide which song to share. 

M83 - Solitude (Audio)

7. Michael Mcdonald – I Keep Forgettin’

Stone cold classic.  Cry while you dance and be the life of the party. Warren g sampled it for “regulate” and that could have easily made the list instead. But it’s gotta be the original, forever!

Michael McDonald - I Keep Forgettin'

8. Other Lives – For 12

Absolute chills listening to this song. Again not exactly the most happy song. I don’t tend to listen to a lot of happy music to be honest. A lot of my listening is spent on depressing shit. Probably why I’m such a miserable person haha! Nah not really. But yeah, melancholic music for days. 

Other Lives - For 12 (Official Video)

9. Deftones – Digital Bath

Becoming a bit of a metal head the past few years. Deftones are up there for me. The new album is dope af. But White Pony and Koi No Yokan are my favourite albums. Unlike any music I’ve heard.  The production on this song is unreal. And Chino Moreno’s voice is haunting.  Superior otherworldly music.

Deftones - Digital Bath (Official Music Video) | Warner Vault

10. Sébastian Tellier – Look

I was gonna add La Ritournelle but it was too obvious.  Love this song just the same and it’s a perfect after party song I reckon. 

Sébastien Tellier - Look (Official Video)

AVNU (UK) – Ultraviolet (Ellum Audio)

Maceo Plex’s Ellum Audio rounds out the year with a fantastic two tracker from Scotland based producer AVNU (UK). AVNU (UK) is based on the East Coast of Scotland and was born Adrian Hossain. He has been immersed in music for 20 years, equally inspired by rock, soul and blues as he is disco, electro, techno, trance and rave. He had a busy 2020 releasing waves of new music and now lands on Ellum Audio with some brilliantly inventive new sounds and styles. Opener ‘Ultraviolet’ is an excellently exuberant track with a party atmosphere thanks to the bristling drums and funky bass riffs. Layered over the top are epic melodic chords whilst some subtle vocal adds plenty of soul. Disco, techno and funk all collide in thrilling new ways on this most dynamic and original of tracks. Then comes the brilliantly atmospheric ‘Infrared’, a darker, more pounding and heads down track. This is rolling techno funk run through with skewed synths that twist and contort endlessly while big hi hats and booming kicks power on into dark corners of the dancefloor. An epic breakdown builds further tension before the whole thing explodes to life once more.

Out Now… AVNU (UK) – Ultraviolet (Ellum Audio) Cat No: ELL064