Any DJ in the world can enter the 2020 World Championships.

DJs from unlisted countries must enter the ‘Rest of World’.

ANY equipment may be used – there are no restrictions.

All branches must inform DMC HQ their National Final dates before the 7 September launch.

The video lengths and format for each stage:

Practice Room (not a competition, but a way to understand how many non-agent countries we have) 1 minute video


National Elimination (run by DMC Agent) round / regional (if applicable) 2 minute video

National Final – 4 minute video

World Final Elimination 2 minute video

World Final performance 6 minute video


7 September


DJs register by uploading a 1 minute performance.

Their name and country must be listed.  This room will be used for fans to share and comment.

The videos in the practice room will not be submissions to the national or world final events.

16 September


If you have decided to run an elimination round, then the DJs can start uploading their 2 minute entry for their national championships from this date.

If you are not staging an elimination, DJs can start uploading their 4 min national championship set which will not go public until the date set by the agent for their National Championship Final.
(Entries submitted from this date will reveal how many DJs you have before the start). Each agent will be given their own individual log-in for their countries. You will be responsible for viewing and approving submissions, uploading your own sponsors logos, content and prizes. (Instructions will be sent to you on how to do this in a video tutorial.

23 September


DMC agents can hold their national events from this time (whatever suits you). You can run the event for as long as you wish but your event start and finish dates must be submitted to DMC HQ before the 7th September so we can give this information to the public. We need the event completed with the results announced by DMC on or before 28th October.

You may accept entries throughout the time up to your final as there will be NO PUBLIC VOTING in the championships this year. Only respected DMC judges will be voting. You will be responsible for the voting in your country and once you have set your national final end date and that date has been reached, you must then send the video links to your judges.

Recommendation:  You could for example select 3 Champions to watch all your entries and vote on the best 10. Then bring your bigger judging panel in to decide your National Champion. How you judge and decide is up to you. All we ask is that we know your plans in advance so we can publish these rules on your page.

And remember we will also require your judes voting figures to show to the public.

28 October


By this date all national championships have taken place and all results will be up on the DMC website. We will know by this date WHO will be going through from each country to the DMC World DJ Eliminations.

28 October


National Champion DJs who have advanced to the World Final can now upload their 2 minute World Final Elimination set. Agents must contact to ensure they know the timings. We have decided 2 minutes so each contestant doesn’t revela too much of their full set.

4 November


At 4pm GMT time the DMC World DJ Eliminations videos will go live on the DMC GLOBAL site for the World to see. The videos will be sent to DMC Champions to judge.

We will insist that ALL the judges keep their results confidential and do not post them anywhere before we announce them. If any agent sees any DMC Champion posting up their results in  advance please do ask them to take them down. (The judging for the World Eliminations will be  decided shortly and everyone will be informed).

18 November


A 4pm GMT time all judging results will be posted on the DMC world site and the World Finalists will be announced.

We will then contact all the DMC World Finalists and ask them to start to upload their 6 minute World Final routine. When a DJ makes it into the World Elimination we should ask them to prepare in advance and record their elimination set and their world final set, so it’s ready to upload on 18th November.

25 November – DMC WORLD DJ FINAL

At 4pm GMT all the DMC World Final videos will be released as a live stream. The world final videos will be sent to DMC HQ as files so that DMC can create a World Final playlist that we will stream live. Once the videos go live, we will then send the videos to DMC World Champions and ask them to watch and send their votes back to DMC HQ.


DMC will announce to the world, the unique 2020 DMC World Champion.  We will contact the champion and look at doing an interview / acceptance video to show the world.